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I’m making use of this easy Friday to highlight information that came up a few days ago: AMIs (Hear a Call for Expressions of Interest) at Atout France.

The Destination France Plan, launched in the wake of the pandemic and with exceptional means (in our country), is reforming France With the aim of maintaining the first position in terms of attractiveness and becoming the number one destination for “sustainable” tourism Since this goal of being the first sustainable tourism destination is already in the majority of regional plans, we notice a convergence of views 😃. Jokes aside, there are still resources on the table for this recovery plan. So Atout France has incorporated all of this into its roadmap on three aspects:

  • Note: Use the data to report, direct, target, forecast, and measure performance. (On the subject of the note, I invite you to read Nicholas Martin’s post which will be published here on Monday, July 4th)
  • Transformation: supporting the tourism economy towards more competitive, sustainable, quality, innovative and inclusive models (this is the purpose of AMIs)
  • and finally a relaunch of activity, particularly through upcoming major events (Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympics)

Funding research and development in sustainable tourism?

Concretely, Atout France offers three AMIs, which can be of use to any type of organization. Details can be found on the Atout France website

The first is the one that, in my opinion, will attract the most candidates, because it talks about sustainable tourism, and it is still the subject of a major transformation! Here AMI proposes providing engineering assistance: days of consultants or Atout France experience plus funding for additional studies.

Any type of project is likely to qualify, whether it is with the aim of preparing sustainable investments, whether it is related to hospitality development projects, to work with professionals, or to raise awareness among visitors.

We can easily imagine in this context everything that could be research and development aimed at adapting destinations to climate change, such as actions to raise awareness, professionalize professionals, etc.

Only 30 projects will be selected for this first phase, with a maximum allocation of €50,000 per file (divided between expert days and co-funding for the study).

So we imagine that the candidates will be many, especially since both public legal entities (Local Authorities, OGD) and individuals such as corporations are eligible.

Network digital transformation

The second call for expressions of interest concerns the Overseas Territories, as they are assigned a specific department with a special Overseas Department on accommodation. Here it is about financing engineering to rehabilitate tourist accommodations and help them transform. Here, too, the help is in the form of engineering.

And the third AMI, Destinations Digitales, is downright digital: it includes financial support for accelerating digital marketing networks. The target audience is very limited because this network must be regional networks uniting at least 15 destinations. Soon we think of players like Les Stations Vertes, Les Plus beaux Détours, Grands Sites and so on.

The goal is to help them transition to a strong digitization of their marketing through all of their tools.

This third AMI is richer because it consists of two phases: the first aid in terms of engineering and the second phase for the dissemination of marketing actions. The 10 networks selected for this first phase will benefit from an envelope of up to 175,000 euros, which is still a big deal!

Reminder: The deadline for the three AMIs is September 30th. Good apps for you!

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