▷ 5 Good Social Media Tools to Use

A good social media strategy can have a real impact on the success of your brand. But without tools tailored to your goals, you can’t create, or even share, high-value content to dramatically increase engagement or attract new audiences. Are you looking for specific tools? Here are 5 examples of tools to use in social media, whether you are a beginner or not…

The Hootite

Hootsuite is a useful tool for managing social networks. It allows you to:

  • scheduling posts
  • View analytical data easily
  • Monitor multiple social media channels in one place
  • Share information easily via the Hootlet plugin
  • Read the comments
  • Effectively manage customer service on social networks
  • Effectively manage your team

Features most appreciated by users:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Third Party Integration
  • Reports / Analysis
  • Campaign management
  • APIs
  • Reports and stats
  • Import/export data
  • Customizable templates


At first glance, Buffer seems to offer fewer features than some social media tools. However, their approach makes sharing content very easy on social media.

Features most appreciated by users:

  • Post Buffer: to create and schedule posts;
  • Buffer Reply: To reply to social conversations
  • Buffer Analyze: Available to publish clients on a Pro or Business plan.

Buffer queues allow you to create groups of posts whenever you have the time. So whenever you find an item you want to share, you add it to the Buffer and the tool publishes it with your name and at a specific time.


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based application to uncover the best opportunities for social media sharing, content, and communication. The tool is based on the goal of better understanding your customers and competitors and what works in your industry in general.

Its purposes are numerous, in particular:

  • Select the best performing content in your industry.
  • analysis of the most common terms and expressions on social networks;
  • Examine who uses these terms and expressions;

Features most appreciated by users:

  • Reports and Dashboards:
  • Social Analysis: Competitor Analysis, Beyond Performance
  • Observing and listening: sociometry
  • Data management and analysis


HubSpot’s social inbox tool makes it easy to integrate your contact database and social media sharing. This app offers many features to create, share, promote, monitor and respond to social networks and integrate them into their overall marketing approach. At the same time, you can post updates, monitor social media engagement, and measure post reach.

Features most appreciated by users:

  • tab “Manage” for creating, planning and publishing content on all your social networks;
  • Monitoring tab to monitor and respond to social media interactions such as comments and mentions;
  • Analytics tab to display analytics related to your social efforts, including top posts and new contacts created from social media;
  • Social listening options to monitor competitors and feeds with specific keywords or mentions;
  • Ad creation and management tools specifically for Facebook advertising.

Other reports available in the HubSpot social tool include:

  • hearing report;
  • Report posted messages;
  • interaction report;
  • Clicks Report
  • Report on the best messages.
  • report on new contacts;
  • Post report
  • impression report.

Icono Square

This analytics tool is ideal for those who use Instagram. Originally called Statigram when it first came out in 2011, Iconosquare is a social media scheduling and monitoring tool that works specifically with Instagram.

Iconosquare allows you to:

  • Analyze social media performance using advanced analytics (based on metrics that no other tool provides);
  • Create your own dashboard by adding the metrics tools that you consult most often;
  • securely schedule and manage your content;
  • Watch how your profile is mentioned.

With its advanced feature set, users can gain valuable insights into their audience and their performance:

  • the total number of subscribers;
  • impressions
  • average engagement rate per post;
  • latest media;
  • latest stories;
  • Subscribers gain and lose.

This is a non-exhaustive list. But without it, your social media strategy may not allow you to achieve your goals. Find out which tools are right for you!

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