Two simple scenarios to improve loyalty

Marketing automation is the art of automating the sending of marketing messages under a specific condition. There is such, it may sound vague, but it is a necessary technique today for almost any company that wants to improve their marketing.
This article presents the simplest and most profitable automated scenarios due to their low cost and ease of implementation.

Welcome email

As its name suggests, a welcome email is simply meant to welcome new contacts. Whether you are subscribed to your newsletter or new clients, a welcome email is essential to start a close relationship between you and your contact.
This first interaction has several advantages:

  • Start building your audience
  • Pay a promotional code or welcome offer
  • Mention the registrant who left your site with you
  • Make a good first impression

On average, welcome emails open rate of 23%*, which is a good score for an unexpected marketing email (as opposed to transactional email).

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How to write and prepare your welcome email?

Point of view writingThe welcome email should be simple and short. It’s not about spamming new contacts instantly with endless content, links in all directions, and an overload of photos.
The content will depend on the type of greeting in question. It can be welcome after signing up for the newsletter or after creating an account on your site.
Either way, thank your new contacts for signing up and give them a welcome offer, a feature.
be careful 25 May 2018 The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect. This reinforces the CNIL recommendations already in place today, which state that it is forbidden to incitement to subscribe to a mailing list with the help of an offer or gift. In other words, don’t push your readers to sign up with the excuse that they’ll get a coupon.

Learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

On the other hand, you can add a coupon in the welcome email very well, without pre-selecting it.
It is also recommended to offer a promotion, coupon or gift to new subscribers by simply entering their email.
This is a good way to start the loyalty process right away.

As for the stateYou should use a professional marketing software that allows you to automate the sending of emails and create custom automated scenarios.
In addition to being very simple, the principle is always the same: as soon as a contact is added to the list of recipients, an email is sent to them.
It is important that this email is personal insofar as you collect information about your contacts. Of course, if you only receive their email, the possibilities for personalization are limited.
But if it comes to creating an account for which you require a nickname, first name, civility, etc… use this information to make your message more personal.

customer birthday

This message has many advantages, and can be very powerful in your internal marketing strategy.
Wishing a birthday for a contact also allows you to:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Increase your sales
  • Return the customer who has not ordered for a long time or has expired

An average birthday email benefits from an open rate similar to a welcome email, around 23%*.

How to make a customer birthday email?

Already tell yourself that this scenario can be doubled into your strategy because it could be the customer’s birthday, but you could also text them on the anniversary of their registration or first order for example.
The yearly dates of the order or the anniversary of account creation are data you have, and it’s actually very easy to use.
On an editorial level, you just have to wish your contact a happy birthday, or if necessary, thank them for those years of loyalty.
Anniversary order is widely used in selling gift items like flowers, jewelry, etc. as it is a good way to remind the customer of a gift idea that they had in the past year.
Anyway, offer your contact a special offer for their birthday like a promo code or even a gift.
As for planning, here’s a tutorial that shows you how to create a customer birthday email.

Importance of SMS Marketing
In addition, it is interesting to specify that the birthday message can be sent by email but also … by SMS.
SMS marketing has this advantage that email doesn’t: its exceptional open rate. Between 90% and 100% of marketing text messages are opened by recipients within minutes.
It is often used to refer a customer to a physical store in their gathering area, but due to the appearance of a responsive design, it is entirely possible to link to their website or to a custom landing page.
In addition, it is very easy to create and prepare a simple Christmas SMS with a link to get a discount. Like email, SMS marketing can be integrated into a marketing automation scenario very easily, provided your solution allows it.

These two marketing automation scenarios are as easy to set up as they are effective. Both will participate, in their own way, in increasing your sales and improving your brand image.

* Sources: admin’s blog.

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