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With its portfolio of clients located in more than 50 countries around the world, Sabio is one of the most popular European providers of digital customer experience transformation solutions in the market. A clever combination of original solutions and multi-sectoral knowledge for a stunning result.

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Experience, technology and information in the service of the digital customer experience

Successful brands have understood this: in 2022, digital customer experience is a key differentiating factor. Because if 81% of global consumers agree that having a brand on digital is just as important as that in a store, customer experience, meanwhile, is a #1 key factor in terms of commitment. So the digital customer experience should be a part of the company’s main concerns going forward.

However, delivering a high-quality digital experience to customers at scale is a challenging task. In question, there are several sensitive points such as the astonishing growth of the unstructured data set, the massive automation that is not always easy to manage, or the adoption of artificial intelligence that is still poorly mastered. All of this has a common drawback which is the higher load on advisors’ workstations. But thanks to a unique combination of expertise, technology, and information, Sabio has all the resources needed to guide companies in creating high value-added digital customer experiences, while retaining their employees. And that’s for all sectors, from banking to insurance, including real estate, tourism, telecommunications and even sales.

The company’s solutions include virtual assistants that help reduce the volume of calls while increasing customer satisfaction and employee loyalty. On the other hand, intelligence technologies help anticipate customer needs and problems by combining advanced journey analytics across all service channels. With Sabio, it is also an opportunity to exploit the competitive advantages of a smooth transition of its call center to the cloud, or to find the right approach and system to ensure customer satisfaction.

The versatility of solutions and technologies that, combined with careful analysis of the problems of digital transformations and market trends, make it possible to create effective and innovative solutions, as we can read in the Sabio e-book entitled “Put Your Employees First with a Human-Based Service”: “In particular, We’re seeing a growing interest in data segmentation, a new approach that gives companies the possibility to create highly customized customer journeys from customer data. les conseillers pour une price en charge des interactions plus intelligentes et plus réussies », explique Hervé Racine, Country Manager France, Italie et Morocco.

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But Sabio’s expertise extends far beyond these key points. Choosing a human-based service is part of the criteria that makes this young company an impressive growth organization on the European scene. A quality that cannot be neglected since the health crisis, when brands had to switch in record time to self-service help channels without taking the time to think about the consequences for their employees: “The environment for advisors has never been this complex before… AI and conversational technologies are now dealing with the scale of A large number of routine inquiries, and call center consultants inevitably find themselves dealing with a much larger percentage of challenging client interactions.Complexity, mental tension and stress can become more apparent in their daily lives.It is the risk of seeing some of them fall behind and end up exhausted.For this reason, Above all, we want every organization we work with to ask themselves the question: Are you sure your employees receive support as their tasks evolve and become more challenging? For us, this is our core business, the starting point for our mission,” continues Hervé Racine.

To support its customers and ensure that every company can unleash the potential of its employees, Sabio has people-first services. The goal is to help advisors adapt seamlessly by creating agile workstations. “With us, consultants are supported in their tasks, and our clients are assured of quality, human-based performance, the latter being part of the essence when talking to clients,” concludes Hervé Racine.

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