minpmeesa back on the floor for a business visit to three small businesses

JMPME: MINPMEESA on a working visit to three small businesses after a rich and dense protocol ceremony

The field visit of the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts (MINPMEESA) and his pavilion began on 29 June 2022 with Les Ateliers Pratiques SARL, a structure under the supervision of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique of Yaounde and located not far from the Jaco building in Ileigh Essono. . The young and dynamic team offers its clients practical and accredited short-term training programs with the aim of popularizing professional skills in digital-related fields; to facilitate social and professional integration; and facilitating human resource training for local companies. A wide range of trainings were offered to the strong delegation from MINPMEESA, including digital marketing, graphic design, video editing, applied office automation, accounting and taxation, architectural design, calculations and sizing, and engineering training. To meet the many challenges it requires, Les Ateliers Pratiques would like to continue to rely on technical support from MINPMEESA while pleading with all its wishes for the stability of the digital network in Cameroon. The Director General also requested MINPMEESA’s sponsorship of the Les Workshops Partiques Awards, which are currently being prepared. To celebrate MINPMEESA’s appreciation of the multifaceted support and stewardship that it has enjoyed for several years, Les Ateliers Pratiques has provided digital training for MINPMEESA staff of up to FCFA 2,000,000, exemplified by a token check awarded to the PMEESA Minister.

Moved by this gesture of appreciation, the PMEESA Minister praised the dynamism of this team which is a “living example of what should be encouraged”. He assured her of MINPMEESA’s sponsorship of the upcoming awards and invited her to continue the cycle because the work she is doing, as actors in local and regional development, will find better resonance and significant financial support with decentralized local authorities. Then the strong delegation went to Afrik Solutions SARL, located near a place called Camp Sonel Essos, specializing in computer engineering, mainly web development, mobile development, application integration and web marketing. The team of enthusiastic and experienced engineers who lead this structure work to provide solutions to the needs of companies and help them to prepare advanced IT tools at a lower cost. Welcoming the efforts of this company that was set up in 2007, PMEESA Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III urged his employees to go further in promoting the digital culture of which he is a part. MINPMEESA invited Afrik Solutions to develop training for younger audiences and consider approaching the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to explore areas of cooperation. The visit ended at Caly SARL in the Manguier district of Yaounde, a company specialized in the production and engraving of various wooden office objects, mainly diary, pen, notepad, document holder, business card holder, business card, pen box, USB keys, key ring, Bag, speaker, logo and signature, souvenir, power bank, desk pad, etc. The PMEESA Minister was very interested in presenting the many awards that this company has already received and called on it to continue to properly represent Cameroon internationally, particularly through Afican Continental Free Trade Are, the international distributor through which experience is also exchanged and these visits mark the end of the celebration. Which started on June 27, 2022 at the Chamber of Commerce in Yaoundé where the Minister of PMEESA inaugurated the work of the Day of Microenterprises and Small and Medium Enterprises (JMPME). Under the title “Digitalizing Business: Issues, Challenges and Prospects”, this celebration was held in accordance with national priorities with an emphasis on an aspect that has a lasting impact on the lives of small and medium-sized enterprises: the digital revolution. This is not only a challenge for the number of Cameroonian SMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also a huge opportunity for them. The celebration of this 2022 edition was a major focus of discussions in the conference aimed at maintaining the participation of the various participants in the central topic. Training in the field of digital marketing aims to provide a number of micro, small and medium enterprise promoters with technical tools to promote online their products and services, and even marketing. The celebration was also an opportunity for PMEESA Minister to hand over a grant of 100,000,000 CFA Francs (One Hundred Million) from the state to 12 winners of the first batch of IDEA National Experimental Business Incubator (PNEP). Moudindoh Siegfried, one of the recipients of a grant of 8,300,000 CFA francs, expressed his gratitude to MINPMEESA. He intends to use this support to acquire machinery and expand his production plant. Take the opportunity to appreciate the training obtained in the PNPE which has enabled them to apply the lessons learned through immersion in the company.

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