How do you evolve your sales volume with email marketing?

66% of consumers said they had already made a purchase after receiving a marketing email. The most profitable marketing channel, email messaging is multiple but requires real expertise…

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E-commerce is developing by leaps and bounds in France. With sales expected to reach 80 billion in 2017 in France, according to the Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling (FEVAD), the competition is more competitive than ever. The 100 billion mark should also be crossed in 2020. So it has become imperative for e-merchants to take full advantage of multiple channels and in particular email sending in their acquisition and loyalty strategy.

However, email marketing has become more complex in recent years. The advent of data and consumer versatility has changed marketing tactics: single use of the email tool is not enough. You must know how to digitize your email strategy by incorporating data intelligence into your decision making and actions.

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E-merchants, like all businesses, should Moving from global logic to personalization strategy While connecting all their information systems (e-commerce website, CRM, email solution). Smart email is a real opportunity for e-commerce merchants because they collect tons of data about their customers! Internet browsing, purchase history, behavior related to past campaigns, marketing pressure, interest in certain keywords and topics are all data that must be collected, analyzed, exploited, and above all enriched today. Aggregator for multiple marketers, data mining, predictive analysis, business intelligence, etc. essential in achieving its marketing and commercial objectives.

In the field of email, it’s all about ability Split your contact databases With smart targeting and Set the correct message which will be sent in time. In fact, everyone is different and has specific expectations. That’s why e-merchants should use an email solution that meets all specific needs and goals. they can Controlling the entire purchasing cycle It is suggested A very personal experience According to the appetite and consumption habits of its customers.

The benefits of a complete and professional email marketing solution for e-merchants are numerous:

  • Align all of its databetween its e-commerce site, its CRM and email solutions with APIs or connectors like those of the Zapier app.
  • 360 degree knowledge of its clients This allows you to customize your messaging and distribution channels, thus improving your conversions.
  • Ability to create files Personal Marketing Automation Scenarios for performance.
  • Implement loyalty strategy With cross-selling and over-selling campaigns to generate additional revenue.
  • Ensure communication with its customersanywhere and anytime with multi-channel email, SMS marketing, and social networking, all 100% mobile friendly.

But the most important thing today is that e-merchants can count on the expertise of partners who will truly support them in their development strategy.

Email offers many opportunities for e-commerce business development and certain good practices must be applied. After its database is fragmented, it is necessary Use the full potential of your email leverage to build customer loyalty. This requires automated welcome email generation, personalized newsletters, stimulus marketing, abandoned baskets relaunch,… all of this being able to rely on a connected email platform, making the ability to deliver your messages a priority.

Here are, for example, five email campaign ideas to grow your traffic and turnover:

  • Celebrations and important occasions

Sales, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas… all are favorable periods for spending. Therefore, these appointments are not to be missed under any circumstances to generate traffic and income on your e-commerce website.

About 60% of internet users have already given up on buying because they couldn’t find a promotional code! As you understand, Internet users are fond of good deals and do not hesitate to look for promotional codes before validating their online purchases. Be sure to add a deadline in your emails to use your codes to create urgency with recipients and encourage your purchase.

“On average, 70% of shopping carts on an e-commerce site are abandoned.” The reasons can be multiple: too high delivery costs, insecure location, obligation to create an account or insufficient payment methods … Refer to the main data you have: the item in your basket. Take the graphic and descriptive elements of your product in an email and follow up with that customer so they can make a purchase. To maximize your chances of making a sale, you can, for example, add a discount or advertise free shipping.

Your customers are your best ambassadors and their opinions are valuable assets to reassure your future customers and thus develop your sales. So remember to automate sending out a satisfaction survey to collect your customers’ opinions a few days after receiving their products.

With a selection of products at discounted prices over a reduced period of time, adding a sense of exclusivity to your customers, flash sales are a true turnover generator. Remember to schedule excitement campaigns and even show your customers to put the products they want to buy in their cart the day before the flash sale.

As you understand, email is a real development lever for your e-commerce site! Whether it is to reactivate certain accounts or to increase your traffic, it is possible to use different email strategies.

To discover plenty of tips for converting with email marketing, meet September 12th during our webinar “E-Commerce and Email: How to Grow Your Business?”.

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