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The members of IAB France and the Mobile Marketing Association, meeting in an extraordinary general meeting on Wednesday, 29 June, approved the draft of combining the two associations in order to create a new joint entity, Digital Alliance That brings together all the players in digital marketing.

Alliance Digitale is now the main association of digital marketing players in France. It brings together the vast majority of players in the sector (brands, agencies, consulting firms, CRM solutions, mobile operators, management, media, technology players, advertising technology, etc.), that is, approximately 250 different companies representing nearly 10,000 full-time Full. Careers.

The new association aims to continue to revive the IAB France and La Mobile Marketing Association brands within a joint organization but also to integrate other structures soon. By pooling the means and resources of the two associations, Alliance Digitale aims to better promote the sector and all professions in the value chain, to ensure the development and growth of the industry as well as contribute to the structuring and harmonization of the market.

Alliance Digitale also intends to become a primary stakeholder in the digital ecosystem and contribute to providing answers to the main challenges we face: innovation, environment, digital sovereignty, competition, data protection, employment, training, inclusion and diversity.

Thus the new union will make it possible to respond to the constant demand from the actors in the sector to be represented by a single and unique entity, with more resources and a more assertive identity in the French professional scene. It will also be able to enable all members to benefit from the pooling of knowledge and skills that exist within the two associations, as well as their international networks.

In fulfillment of their commitments, IAB France and the Mobile Marketing Association aim to continue the work done in Alliance Digitale in order to unite industry players, stimulate and accelerate research and development in business; To provide market players with a place to meet, discuss and reflect on the future of digital marketing; Finally, raising awareness among the media and public actors by being the key spokesperson for companies in the sector.

The offices of the two associations, namely Nicolas Reolle (President of IAB France and the Mobile Marketing Association), Véronique Pican (Vice President of IAB France), Benoit Oberlé (Treasurer of IAB France), Julie London (Vice President and General Will Counsell Treasurer of LMMA) and Vadim Wichmann (Treasurer and Vice President of LMMA) Managing Alliance Digitale until organizing the election of a new Board of Directors here at the end of 2022.

IAB France Board Members:

  • Nicolas Reol – Crito
  • Veronique Pecan – Intelligent Ad Server
  • Benoit Oberlé – Cerdata
  • Lawrence Bunicalzi – The World
  • Mathieu Gondet – Eulerian
  • Sophie Cassam – Le Parisien
  • Christophe Colette – Ask a Yukata
  • Roger Coast – Brut
  • Augustin Decré – Index of Exchange
  • Philip Framiselle – Adverline
  • Dennis Gaucher – Kuntar
  • Paul Kahiri – Mediakeys
  • Isabelle Lechantour – Google
  • Gauthier Palenci – Deezer
  • Paula Prevot – Quantcast
  • Makem Chikli – Weborama
  • Fabian Scolan – leboncoin
  • Andrew McCabe Oguri
  • Luc Vignon – 366
  • Fiona Elounda – Channel Factory

Mobile Marketing Association Board Members:

  • Arnaud Cabanis – TikTok
  • Benoit Corbin – Atsuki
  • Brice Vinokur – Homa Games
  • Chloe Giard – Idinvest Partners
  • Christophe Le Courtois – Media Post
  • Emily Rogan – iProspect, Dentsu Group
  • Fabian Underground – smsmode
  • Fabian Scolan – leboncoin
  • Judith Fichet – BNP Paribas
  • Johan Guilloux – CB Bank Cards
  • Julie London –
  • Magali Soulier – Google
  • Marc Montalder – Academy of Management
  • Martin Clamart – Calendula
  • Samuel Baruch – Nestlé France
  • Nicolas Reol – Crito
  • Quentin Briard – Club Med
  • Renault Munirat – Users
  • Tibo Legillon – Teds
  • Vadim Wichman – with Geneva

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