These five steps changed my life

Have you ever wondered how to make a living out of your online business? How do you sell more? Earn more money? Be more free? I am yes. For a long time, I struggled to make money online, and I didn’t have the life I wanted. today ? I earn between 10,000 and 30,000 euros a month at the age of 24. I travel 6 months a year. And I have loyal clients who buy my software (and change their lives because of me)…

How did you go all the way? The reason is simple:

I learned…

And I especially understood that there are 5 very specific steps that when applied make an amazing difference.

These five steps are there, explained in the video.

1) Swipe to the other side

The first step is simply that I’ve moved to the other side. For me, those who get results in life are those who take action. During an internship in Romania, my biggest problem was that I had not yet trained to impart my knowledge. She gave me the boost of saying ‘this is the time to do it’ and started creating my first lineup. This brings us to the second step.

2) Get the first results

I got my first results which really encouraged me. I think it is very important to see it work and then continue, to create a virtuous circle in your life and in your mind. The first two courses I received brought in a profit of 5,000 euros, making the first monthly of 10,000 euros. Then I met Antoine BM, I gave him an interview and then everything started to go downhill …

But this is not luck. I didn’t create a course by chance: I really learned from my readers. I have already developed a relationship with my readers (via email, over the phone…) to know exactly what their problems, their desires, their goals are…

3) Write one email per day

By writing one email a day, you are no longer seen as a simple content creator, but as a leader. There is a vision being created. In fact, you are becoming someone who is there every day for his readers and will not only give concrete advice but talk about his values, his visions, motivate them, and send them emotional messages. You become a leader, mentor, or even a friend who is always there to help people.

4) Intensify the relationship

Just giving today’s advice, for me, no longer works. The media age is 100% dead! If you just want advice, just go to Wikipedia and you will get everything you want. People are looking for more than that. They are looking for people who motivate them, who share their ambitions, visions, and values. By giving them what they are looking for, by being personal, you will become more of a person.

5) Export content by making a video

All this together allowed me to change my life!

Click to watch the video.

Take notes, apply them, and then never give up on changing your life little by little.

I count on you,


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