Speed ​​up your Shopify store development with Growth Hacking

The growth the pirate It is a marketing technique introduced by the United States and known to marketing experts since the beginning of 2010, its name means “growth hack” in French and actually refers to the development of innovative marketing techniques through the word ” hack The implementation is designed to grow the business quickly.

Show growth the pirate

The growth the pirate It is a growth strategy that includes a set of marketing techniques designed to accelerate business growth. It was invented in 2010 by American entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Growhackers.com, Sean Ellis, at the instigation of Ellis, growth the pirate Contributed to the development of companies such as Airbnb, Evenbright And the drop box.

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The hacks of growth, often used Startupscan achieve extraordinary growth results, whether innovative or “robust”, through unconventional marketing tactics, even without a large budget or significant resources.

The role and duties of a growth hacker

Profile growth the pirate Especially attractive because it ends up mixing it up. With good marketing knowledge, it is not necessary to be a marketing professional. What really makes it better growth The hacker is also his knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Without real training to be a growth Hacker, here is a set of skills that will make you good growth Hacker: SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email, Global Marketing, Data Analyticsand more.

Check out the types of jobs that hackers do most often:

  • Maximizing the potential of marketing tools.
  • eOften try new actions and strategies.
  • Analyze, improve and reduce change costs.
  • Accelerate growth strategy based on the approach AAARRR.
  • Optimizing customer acquisitions to improve conversion rates
  • Develop user experience to improve various operations in the company.

Tips for making growth the pirate

If you want to process a commitment growth The hacker inside your company, you should take into account the famous funnel AARR (acquisition, activation, retention, recommendation, he won)

Growth hacking for your business
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This is the main stage of work growth the pirate : Attract more potential customers and redirect them to your online store. This traffic acquisition can be achieved through channels. Sometimes it gets acquired by ads, email, social media and even SEO and Sea.


When the first visitors arrive on drop page, you need to convert them into customers. Therefore, it is necessary to study your landing page well to naturally direct visitors to the action you want. The drop Pages should inspire trust first, but most importantly make a clear value proposition.


In order to ensure business development and sustainability, the retention phase is an important step. Visitors to your online store must become and remain active. Repetition is the key to success. Therefore, it is necessary to retain clients. For this, several activations can be created in the most popular and effective way: Send regular value-added emails (promotions, advice, get special sales, etc.)Loyalty programmes, discount coupons, exclusive events and much more.


This penultimate stage is absolutely necessary to ensure the growth and sustainability of the company. work growth The hacker is to encourage active customers and visitors to become “ambassadors” of the brand.

he won

In the end, that’s the point growth the pirate : It’s time to turn traffic into revenue. All work upstream from growth the pirateThe first four steps are just for that.

The Five Tools of growth the pirate To help you manage your store Shopify

To manage and develop your store ShopifyHere are some basic tools.

The Google Analytics to the acquisition stage

The Google Analytics It is the most widely used audience analysis tool. Very easy to use, anyone can use it and it is absolutely free. Thanks google AnalyticsThrough many measures, you will understand your goals and their behavior.

PageFly for activation step

PageFly It is an application that helps you to develop drop High quality pages with high conversion potential. The app is available on the App Store Shopify.

Clavio for the retention step

Clavio It is a marketing platform the case for the ecosystem Shopify Which makes it very easy to send personalized emails and text messages. The main feature of Clavio is that the platform offers free access to up to 250 email contacts and 50 SMS contacts.

Stamped.io for the recommendation step

During the recommendation phase, growth hackers are likely to rely on getting product reviews. Thanks for the app Stamped.io7 UGC (user I was born with a great happiness) can be collected.

Zapier income stage

Zapier It is undoubtedly one of the popular marketing software. As an important tool for task automation, Zapier Different applications can be connected to each other.

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