HPE unveils new Partner Ready Vantage Program

George Hope, Global Head of Partner Sales, HPE: With the market changing rapidly, customers expect a new approach to consumption in their digital transformation journey. That’s why we’re transforming our own business so quickly, making it amortized as a service. photo credit: d

With its three levels (Build, Sell and Service), the program takes into account the different capabilities and business models of HPE partners.

The new Partner Ready Vantage program includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) hybrid cloud and Aruba wallets. With its three levels (Build, Sell and Service), the program takes into account the different capabilities and business models of partners, the idea being to be in line with the partners’ business choices, whether traditional sales models or models as a service. Each component includes Specialized Centers of Expertise (COE), which provide training, market entry initiatives, and customized selling tools. Alongside the software, HPE has also announced updates to the Pro Series, additional improvements to its Partner Connect platform, and an update to the Partner Portal. HPE is preparing for a new future and we want our partners to join us on this journey, said George Hope, HPE’s Global Partner Sales Director, during a press conference and meeting with analysts. With the rapidly changing market, customers are expecting a new approach to consumption in their digital transformation journey. He added that this is why we are transforming our own business so quickly, making it amortized as a service to better support customer goals and desired outcomes.

Partner activity development as a service

Through the build component, partners will be able to integrate with HPE technology and benefit from ready, tested and proven solutions from HPE and its technical partners. Partners can also develop their own applications using open HPE platforms to deliver solutions that meet the needs of their customers. The Selling component aims to help partners grow their business as a service by offering value-added solutions from the HPE portfolio. Finally, the service component specifically targets partners who focus on providing services throughout the customer lifecycle, including: consulting, assessment, design, integration, deployment, migration, assistance and management. As of today, the following centers of expertise are available in Aruba: Customer Success, Managed Services, and Professional Services.

Experience centers for build and sales flows, and expertise centers for Hybrid Cloud Service, will be available to all partners over the next year. Mr. Hope added that discussions with partners focus more on their business model than type of activity. Now, we’re not looking at what they are (system integrators, distributors, distributors, OEMs), but we look more at what they do and their business options, and build software for their needs, he added. George Hope added that the program relies on three lines of strength: moving at your own pace, forming a united team, and delivering a better experience. We redouble our interest in partners that are ready to evolve and have created programs to respond, with a mutual commitment to reach milestones. We do not abandon partners who are not yet ready to go down this path, because we know that it depends on their clients. But we are helping these partners by adding subscription capabilities to some core products to facilitate their adoption, and we continue to offer great rewards to partners whether they are selling products or solutions as a service,” continued Mr. Hope. Donna Grothian, Global Vice President of Channels, Aruba, said the purpose of The Centers of Expertise is helping partners excel in solutions as a service.We have chosen a personalized approach when developing this new program.We have deliberately included mentorship alongside a range of core trainings and workshops for our partners, said Ms. Grothian.

HPE Tech Pro تحديث Update

The latest enhancements to the HPE Pro Series were also introduced with the HPE Tech Pro update to expand the enabling offerings to support new HPE Partner Ready Vantage compliant technical roles. The new offerings target partners pursuing business-as-a-service models who need cloud and managed services skills and customer management capabilities to achieve their goals. New features include a dedicated portal with unique certification status and training modules, portfolio curriculum learning pathways with curated and interactive pathways, and Recommended Training (TRT) to enable partners to more easily find and prioritize relevant and effective training modules.

Partner Connect enhances connections between customers and partners

New features for on-the-job learning have also been added, called Learning on the Go: Training modules can be used as podcasts, videos, or webinars, Outcome discussion guides provide quick access to relevant questions for sales and industry discussions Helps Business Value Framework, Business Value Framework Industrial, partners to better prepare for industry-focused conversations. Easier access to HPE’s marketing tools and content is also given with the updated HPE Social Media Hub. Since its launch in December 2021, Partner Connect has constantly been improved to enhance user experience and collaboration opportunities. Built on the Cloud28+ digital commerce platform, the Partner Connect platform enhances connections between customers and partners, and between partners and partners, accelerating their ability to find the right solutions and skills to meet business needs. The core self-profiling on the platform has been improved, allowing partners to showcase their HPE products and services with greater control over how their solutions are presented and promoted. Finally, the ready-made HPE Partner Portal has been updated. In particular, the navigation and integration of the site are simplified.

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