Here are 15 tips to improve the health of your B2B blog

Content creation is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Whether B2C or B2B. A blog is one of our favorite tools in general that is used by many B2B companies. However, it is not enough to write for the sake of writing.

If you want to make your efforts profitable, there are rules to follow and good practices to be respected. Here are the trading tricks, as I’ve developed over the years on my personal blog and in my professional practice ExoB2B. Simple suggestions that, even if you already know them, are always good to remember, to keep up with the latest trends.

In the image above, there are 17 suggestions, 12 of which are highlighted in red. They are the fruit of experience. But there is also a consideration that is as old as the telecommunications world, which is the QQOQCCP method. (what, when, where, when, how, how much and why).

There are also other proposals that come to us directly from the world of SEO. Sponsored Plugin Yost on me WordPress In particular. So, for a healthy blog, B2B Marketing, I’m keeping these 15 suggestions new and old:

  • Analyze your market
  • Discuss topical issues
  • write short sentences
  • Cite your sources
  • Add titles
  • Add links, images and videos
  • Choose memorable titles
  • Don’t try to sell, tell stories
  • Write an engaging projection or CTA
  • lose your spelling
  • Index of your posts (keywords/tags)
  • Respect the SEO hierarchy (h1, h2, h3)
  • take advantage of Yost SEO for “Green Your Tickets”
  • Promote your tickets on social media
  • Target the niche web or traditional media

who are you talking to?
By writing in a blog, we sometimes lose sight of who we are talking to – or rather, who we should be talking to. Even worse, some blogs were launched without any real “random” planning. But how do you engage your readers and convert them into leads (potential customers) if you don’t really know who they are? This is where analyzing your customer base will make all the difference.

A good understanding of your market and your customers allows you to paint a better picture for the average reader.

Or several photos, in fact. Each of these characters will have interests, challenges, and problems that you can offer a solution to.

If you address CEOs but your readers are more technical or engineers, your efforts will be in vain. Conversely, if you write highly technical content on your blog when the decision makers who need your services most are in financial management, they risk getting lost in your texts.

Knowing your blog’s audience is crucial.

What is the value of your content?
Why should readers dedicate precious minutes to your post? You need to provide valuable, relevant and timely content. Content that will teach them (or at least remind them) something important about their business or industry.

Well-defined characters will be used to determine whether or not your content is valuable.

Each person will provide ways to explore to find topics for discussion. Everyone suffers from a little misery, the bread In his daily professional life he would be happy to spend a few minutes reading a post that might be useful to him and what is more entertaining for him rather than putting him to sleep.

Do not strive to be famous, be useful! Whether it’s simplifying your readers’ decision-making process, providing a solution to a problem they are facing, or sparking their curiosity about how your company can improve their business. But you can’t just write to write.

You have to provide value to the person who bothered to read you.

But don’t try to sell products or services. You have to “tell” the proposed solution to their problem. And above all, do not forget this simple and solid fact about La Palais.

Your content has value!
Posted on your blog, it is your property unlike those posted directly on social platforms like FB where LinkedIn. You can make it profitable in various ways and even reuse it.

Blogger optimization and search engine optimization
Obviously, you need to consider SEO best practices when writing your copy.

We are not talking here about cheating by saturating search engines with keywords and tags (Tags). Do you remember that time? It no longer works that way. Except… that we still have to grasp the basics.

SEO best practices, when followed, make text more consistent and readable overall.

In addition to having keywords in your titles, in your page URL and also in categories and tag cloud, other aspects of improving your text come in an important way. Prefer short sentences or use transitional words wisely, or add subtitles (h3) to better distinguish your ideas. All of these best practices make text flow faster and easier to read.

For humans, above all, we do SEO but also for Google! 🙂

Finally, when I talk about “greening” your tickets, I’m referring to the mechanisms you enforced Yost in WordPress. In addition to what was described above, Yost It will ask you to respect the H1 heading hierarchy for the first paragraph in H2, with in-text translations in H3.

It will also require you to place internal and external hyperlinks. It will also ask you to have a target query and be present in the heading (H1), in the introductory paragraph (H2), in the first paragraph of the text and once or twice elsewhere in the text.

And notice that Yost Or not, writing for the web means making up short sentences. This is the Achilles heel of many bloggers.

What’s the point?
Once you have all these nice things done, once you click on the link and read your text, what does the reader do?

The reader’s journey should not stop at the end point of your post.

Instead, show them how to use calls to action (popular CTAs or call to action). The goal, of course, is to move it to the top of the sales funnel.

Offer to download a guide or case study. Send a subscription to your newsletter. Enter links to your products and services through text. You need to seize this opportunity and make the conversion; Any achievement of a particular goal with the reader.

What you want is to establish the first contact.

This first contact should also be established by promoting your ticket(s) through traditional and social communication channels.

picture 2

This means using LinkedIn specifically for B2B marketing, but it shouldn’t be limited to RS. It is necessary to use the trifecta for digital marketing or in other words: the EOP marketing mix (Earned, owned and paid media).

Furthermore, I invite you to contact us if you would like more advice on blogging in content marketing, or for an analysis of your clients!

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