exercise. Four questions about the career of a social media manager

The profession of a social media manager, the person who will manage the image and reputation of a company, or a community on social networks, can be accessed with a Bac+3. But most companies prefer hiring at Bac+5.

1. What training to follow?

The Information and Communications Course (Organizational Communication Course) or Multimedia and Internet Professions is a good way to train in the profession within three years. The first, for example, is mentioned in La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée), Lannion (Côtes-d’Armor), or Caen (Calvados). The second is taught at Saint-Lô (Manche) and Le Mans (Sarthe) and also at Lannion.

Other courses that allow students to reach baccalaureate level 3+ are possible: Professional E-Commerce and Digital Marketing or Digital Professions License, Bachelor’s degree issued by certain schools or Diploma in Business Development and Digital Marketing from Brest Business School.

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Many schools allow you to go further and reach a master’s degree or equivalent level. Such as digital communication or digital marketing certifications, digital communications and marketing manager training, or diplomas from business schools, communications, journalism, or institutes of political studies.

The study costs €170 in but the professional license, up to €9,000 per year in business school, and is paid for in vocational training.

2. What does the job market look like?

Pôle Emploi counted nearly 700 bids nationwide in mid-June 2022. More than half were fixed-term contracts. Companies also offered a lot of apprenticeship or professional training contracts.

3. What is net salary?

Salaries are highly dependent on the candidate’s experience, of course, but also on the size and location of the company. They start around €2000 to €2600 per month on average.

4. What qualities are required?

Good written fluency, both written and oral, in French but also in foreign languages, is essential to becoming a social media manager. You also have to be curious, social, creative and responsive. A willingness to use digital tools is essential.

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