Diops 2022 – The Korean Eyewear Industry for the Future of Metaverse-AR!

The World Optics Conference was held during the 20th Daegu International Optical Exhibition held in Daegu, South Korea on June 22nd. The 20th Daegu International Optical Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as DIOPS), hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City (Mayor Yeong Jin Kwon) and organized by the Korea Optical Industry Agency (Chairman Gwang Sik Jin).

DIOPS was held for 3 days and the focus was on revitalizing the stagnant economy through continuous marketing support amidst a growing presence of local and foreign buyers.

Two notable DIOPS conferences this year

During the first day, the symposium “Trends and Cases of 3D Technology” and the “World Optics Conference” were held.

The World Optical Congress was held to introduce a new trend to the eyewear industry and to confirm the future of the eyewear industry.

Microsoft Hollow lens

Microsoft General Manager Korea Kun-Bok Lee gave a presentation on “The application field of smart glasses” and “Trend and trend analysis of smart glasses”

said Kun-bok Lee while introducing the role and importance of spectacles in the metaverse era.

The IT environment evolves as society changes. IT culture started with PC, then web, mobile and cloud, and now we welcome the next generation of IT culture, the “metaverse”. In response, glasses will evolve from a visual aid device to a digital assistive device in the future.

The director explained to me that glasses, as a digital aid:

  • It will replace smartphones
  • Providing information by recognizing objects
  • Provide intuitive information
  • It will help digest the massive digital information

Assistive devices are needed where the real and digital worlds are intertwined, not just the virtual world. Realistic content will be increased through various interaction methods such as staring, gestures, voice commands and voice. Microsoft has developed a device using the retina, which gives the impression that information unfolds in front of us with a three-dimensional image formed on the retina. Currently, it is used to test educational and vocational training purposes in an industrial setting.

There is a lot of research and development in assistive devices related to the metaverse, but it is important that we not only focus on the development of smart devices. In fact, if we prioritize the development of the virtual world, it can become very disconnected from reality. All these technological developments are only meant to make reality more convenient. Therefore, digital assistive device glasses should demonstrate this and be developed as such.

Microoled ActiveLook

Then, Xavier Bonjour, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at microoled, the leader in micro-display in France, gave a conference. Microoled pioneers ActiveLook “Lite AR” sports eyewear technology, providing the lightest display unit in the eyewear industry on the market today.

Xavier Bonjour delivered a speech during the conference on “Lite AR – Implementing Visual Information for the Sports Eyewear Industry”.

Sports eyewear technology provides real-time visual feedback. When visual information is presented in an accessible manner, anyone can make judgments in an instant. He also said that sports eyeglass technology is being offered as a tool to help achieve goals. For example, it can be used to track performance, coaching, coaching, biometric feedback, and indoor and outdoor activities.

hello xavier

Interview with the organizer of DIOPS

We interviewed the head of the Korea Visual Industry Agency (President Gwang Sik Jin), the show’s organizer:

1. Could you tell us about DIOPS?

DIOPS is an exhibition held in Daegu where 70% of Korea’s optical institutions are located. This is the only view that lets you know all about optics companies in Korea.
This year is the 20th anniversary of the show. The fair has been held every year since 2001 except for the last year which was canceled due to the coronavirus.

2. Can you tell me why the exhibition was held in Daegu?

595 out of 841 companies in the optics industry are here in Daegu. Most of them focus on exporting. So we organized this fair to help local businesses and promote business.

3. Many companies in Korea are being highlighted by the world these days, what do you think of the optics industry?

The optics sector in Korea is attracting more and more attention from the world. Combined with K culture and quarantine strategy, because it is excellent in design and quality.
Design and branding can especially follow luxury brands in Europe.

4. What do you want to show through this event? Do you have products or companies to offer?

7 major brands are joining the show this year. You can discover the wonderful models of glasses. The smart glasses sector has been highlighted by promising companies. Several famous speakers are invited to the conference during the presentation. So you can learn about the latest trends, the latest technologies and how the optics sector will progress.

The Korea Optical Industries Agency is the only affiliated institute in this commercial field established by the city of Daegu and the Ministry of Commerce. We work with the government to promote business. This living room is also part of it. We plan to organize and operate the Daegu International Optical Fair.

6. Finally, what is the long-term strategy and direction of this event?

DIOPS has created new concepts Hi-Tech, Hi-Fashion and Hi-Touch while celebrating its 20th Anniversary. We will make this exhibition the best meeting place for optics and eyewear, and a meeting place for lovers of humankind and sustainable nature. And we will be increasing the display size to make it one of the 3 largest optics and eyewear offerings with SILMO and MIDO.

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