Carcassonne: The strategy of the city’s tourism office is to make the fun last… and stay vacationers

Various media, paper and digital, of the Municipal Tourism Office have been reviewed and improved.

“The aim of the work of the Municipal Tourism Office is to extend the stay of our visitors”Magali Pardo, assistant tour representative, explains. “In Carcassonne there is the city, yes, fortunately, but there are other areas as well, Morel Brunet argues. So we wanted to develop all of the city’s assets, on a rich and diverse land, and renew the destination.”

The office manager is very proud of her new marketing strategy and all her free tools, the result of hard teamwork that started a year and a half ago. Sophie Delmas, Head of Paper Editions, revealed a tourist plan, detailed in thick “Travel Notes”, a completely redesigned plan to guide the tourist from the Canal du Midi to Lac de la Caviar, in passing through Bastide St. Louis and City. All the info is there, the department’s other great sites are listed at the back. “Because there is also a real destination around Carcassonne”.

“This map clearly highlights the various areas of the city and shows that they are easily accessible on foot or by bike.Welcome to Muriel Brunet. He gives them all the importance and no one forgets.” So much so that the slogan “Carcassonne’s destination, where passion resonates” is available in several versions: where history, gastronomy, fun, adventure and nature resonate.

In the travel diary, which replaces the classic guide, a simple guide to services, each of the city’s four notable sites is “analyzed” in detail and the providers are marked for free. Another good “plan” for the office strategy, a valid Carca’pass, for 6 euros, in Carcassonne and its surroundings, “A great tool for highlighting providers and offering discounts”.

The digital medium is also not forgotten apart from the office strategy, the website has been completely redesigned by webmaster Louisa Maven and intuitive, “which allows you to discover Carcassonne through its different regions or by topic”. This does not forget about social networks “Where some posts have exceeded 500,000 views and there are a lot of posts”. This strategy would have no reason to remain without various activities and activities to discover on the new support of the city’s tourism office.

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