At Extenso Ile-de-France plans to hire 125 employees

Accounting, auditing or payroll. Below, basically, are the deals the company will hire In Extenso for. Strong employment ambitions, from work-study programs to experienced profiles, in order to support its dynamics. With approximately 1,200 new employees to be recruited in France, the group is growing. Thus, regarding the city of Ile-de-France, there are approximately 125 vacancies to be filled. Within the company’s territorial entity, the required profiles come from accounting, auditing, payroll and legal backgrounds, whether they are experienced or aligned with students.

In addition, at Extenso Ile-de-France also looks for experts in business creation, financial analysts, specialists in human resources, marketing and communication or in information technology. Target courses are diverse with courses in BTS, DCG, DSCG, Master CCA, Business Schools, IAE, DEC… Opportunities also exist for junior candidates, who are looking for their first job after graduation. If experienced profiles are sought, offers are also made to more approved candidates. Digital skills, such as automated data management, are also particularly prized in a sector where digital transformation has accelerated with the health crisis and the extensive use of remote work. Specific skills are sought for affiliate In Extenso Growth and Innovation, which employs 120 innovation and corporate social responsibility consultants.

Desire to be a player in the area

On a large scale, it has implemented a dynamic and agile HR policy to attract talent in the context of job tension that has affected the accounting, auditing and payroll professions for several years. In order to fulfill its commitments and provide a work environment in line with its values ​​and aspirations, the group has had a credo since 2021: to ‘be a player in business development, dynamism of regions and ‘achieve’ for every one’.

So at Extenso it has developed a training plan for its employees to enable them to progress. “Our teams are fully mobilized with our clients facing many challenges as the health crisis is hardly over and the inflation and price hikes take hold. At Extenso has a key role in advising its clients, our business is constantly evolving as well as the scope of our intervention. Hence, we are looking for 125 employees in The region will be able to develop in a dynamic, nurturing and satisfactory environment with development opportunities within the group”, concludes François Gérard Mundy, President of In Extenso Île-De-France.

All job offers are available on the group’s website.

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