▷ Instagram Reels Coming Soon?

With video interactions, Instagram is once again testing a feature for Reels, which has long been available on TikTok…

TikTok’s many creative and immersive features are an important part of the app’s success. Thanks to the ability to interact with TikTok with its video, for example, users remain naturally engaged and active. Since Instagram has grabbed almost every popular feature from TikTok so far, it’s not really surprising that this new tool was launched on Reels…

TikTok’s success largely depends on the sharing trends it conveys and the ability to watch short videos in the app. It also makes it very easy to handle any post or hashtag challenge with its many features.

Using the TikTok algorithm that adapts in real time to your posting preferences, with its powerful ability to specifically target posts that will appear in the feed, making it the most downloaded app around the world.

But inviting more people to each direction is key to getting more users to open the app more often. Instagram is also trying to do the same on Reels.

His latest novelty?

The platform will run on one of TikTok’s main features: video interactions.

With this tweet, Alessandro Paluzzi shows that well-known TikTok video reactions can be released on Reels.

Instagram is currently testing a new option that will prompt users to do so Create a reaction video directly from the Reels share button. This may help get more people to post more Reels content.

Once users click the share icon on the reel, they are presented with a list of Instagram contacts to send the video to. So there may soon be a camera icon in the upper right corner for creating video interactions.

This is just a test at the moment – it is not yet known if and when the feature will be fully rolled out.

Another step towards TikTok

In March 2020, the platform already tested a feature similar to IGTV. Now that Instagram is so focused on Reels, it only makes sense that it wants to bring this feature to the platform.

Another feature that is also strongly reminiscent of TikTok is the Remix feature, which has been available since March 2021. This allows Instagram users to create side-by-side reactions in Reels – similar to the TikTok Duet feature.

Thus, video responses are another step towards TikTok, as Instagram looks for ways to align more closely with the platform in a bid to curb its strong growth and keep users connected to its apps.

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