In Bourg-en-Bresse, the tourism office relies on the influencer Florian OnAir to attract tourists

This is the new approach of tourism offices: they rely on YouTubers to attract visitors. In just a few years, these influencers have turned marketing on its head. Younger generations no longer swear by it. So, if someone decides to spot Bourg-en-Bresse, the red carpet will be rolled out for them.

He tastes living and does not hide his happiness. Florian “OnAir” is a “Professional Connoisseur”. He’s even a well-known and well-followed influencer. This Parisian experiences different dishes and restaurants every day. On social networks, he distills his tips and opinions, and shares his experiences tasting burgers, kebabs, tacos and other dishes from around the world. His taste in community service is impressive. Florian spent the weekend in Bourg-en-Bresse and the surrounding areas.

For two days, we cruised the Bryce River to share, visit, learn and taste many local dishes.

“Not only is photographing yourself eating, but sharing with people – as at any good meal – in good company”, Florian explains. “I’m trying to shoot and edit in my head, as the shoot goes on. Once I shoot and eat three bites, I won’t film myself eating the whole dish. I put on the camera and I taste!”

On that day, the young man walked around Bryce with his camera in hand, looking for good addresses. Among his discoveries: a hundred-year-old chocolatier. Stefan Gilbert has already welcomed influencers into his shop. Know the influence of social networks. “We often see people stopping, watching from outside, taking pictures, asking if they can take pictures. It feels like a museum,” Chocolate maker Brissan explains.

Still in Bourg-en-Bresse, the YouTuber also invited his community to discover the “Panozzo Burger”. The influencer explains, video support: It’s a result of a “An impromptu collaboration between the French champion of Neapolitan pizza and a safe bet for burgers at Bourg-en-Bresse”. It takes all tastes!

Florian wanders into small towns and some tourist offices today do not hesitate to invite him to show off the culinary charm of their city. This is the case of Borg-en-Bresse and its conglomerate. Influencers don’t get paid butThe organization pays for transportation and accommodation. The various partners visited provided meals.

Small investment in view of the impact of influencer videos. Because Florian “OnAir” and his videos have real media power. This Parisian influencer shares his tips with over 600,000 subscribers on Youtube, as do many on Facebook. Florian is also gaining momentum on Instagram, with nearly 100,000 followers to date.

More than ever, tourist offices are playing the calling card to attract visitors. In addition to classic campaigns on traditional networks, these organizations rely on YouTubers and their digital firepower Attracting interconnected younger generations. Target is younger, made up of 30 people from large population centers. In just a few years, web illustrators revolutionized marketing.

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In Bourg-en-Bresse, the tourist office relies on the media power of influencers such as Florian OnAir

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