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Since its launch in December 2018, and the Global Performance Market contract with a consortium of companies (Engie, Ineo brand of Equans, Suez, La Poste and mutual group VYV) the following year, Angevins of the city and urban metropolis, it has remained unsatisfied. Very few of them were able to define the features of this ambitious project, except for its price which is now estimated at 180 million euros over 12 years. An ambitious but necessary project to position himself in the big leagues: the mayor and the mayor, Christophe Picchu, today the minister plenipotentiary in charge of the local authorities of the Bourne government, makes no secret of his ambition to become ” International reference In the field. A unique opportunity to put this region into orbit, confirming that the smart city (or territory) approach is above all a regional marketing approach.

And what about the citizens in all of this? In accordance with the principle of those who advocate building the city by activating the intelligence of citizens, it was appropriate to work on this topic, by educating the residents about the “smart city” approach and what it can offer them in terms of service operation, circulation, decent living and human relations. Digital technology, which we can no longer do without, is just a tool to achieve these goals.

Like many French cities, notably Dijon, the leading city on the topic of hyper-monitoring of city functioning, energy efficiency and security, Angers is no exception to the rule. To inject technology into its smart world. Territory approach. ” Before launching this project, we visited Dijon and told ourselves that we can do better ”, the mayor, president and minister, officially inaugurated the “Digital Factory for the Smart District of Angers”.

“Mixed, innovative and standard place”

The Angevins will be able to say if they are convinced of the approach,—it is necessary—, because from now on, they will have access to the Digital Factory,” Hybrid, innovative and standard venue », according to Christophe Picchu, in the service of communities and populations. ” The Digital Factory is a unique place, to co-create uses, contributing to the development and acceleration of the project launched two years ago. If the mayor – the president – the minister Proud to write a new page of urban innovation in the service of digital and environmental transformation “It remains to prove all the benefit of deploying this technology and what it can bring to the population that is primarily concerned with this innovative project.

Located in the Cité des Association, rue du Doyenné in Angers, this open space for the project will be moved to the Métamorphose Building, a futuristic building intended to be a symbol of the city, under construction in the Saint-Serge district. This building will open in 2024.

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