Online survey to improve skill control

The success of a training center can be determined by the degree to which different learners are absorbed. This is one of the main reasons why skill tracking is so important for all positions. The goal is to improve it in order to be able to effectively measure the level of trained people. Of course, there are many ways to achieve such a task. Using an online survey is one possible solution.

Improving skill monitoring: Make a test-type questionnaire

a a test, in general, is a series of questions that are asked for a specific purpose. In most cases, its main purpose is to collect data on a particular topic. It can still be used for other purposes, such as skill tracking. Even if this could have been done traditionally, choosing an online survey by going to, for example, is now wiser.

assessment tests

assessment tests They are exams that are taken to measure the knowledge of learners before the start of training. Its importance in observing skills is no longer shown, as it gives you an idea of ​​the starting level of the trainees. With the results of this test, you can find out which concepts to combine for example. In other words, it helps you Consolidating the trainee base In order to help them better fit the new topics being covered.

It can take many forms depending on the type of questions you want to ask learners. First, you have a file Questions binaries. They are among the simplest, which makes them perfect for the occasion. These are questions that have only two possible answers: Yes and no ” where ” true and false “.

Then you have a file Multiple Choice Questions. It is more complex, because it accepts many correct answers. If you really want to test learners before training, the multi-answer questionnaire is ideal. You can introduce traps to make the choice less clear.

Finally, you have a file Pictures. The principle is simple, you enter the images that future trainees will have to recognize. Moving forward, a selection of images can serve as answers. For illustrative purposes, they can represent the various propositions of multiple choice questions.

Tests to validate acquired knowledge

Observing good skills requires assessment at every stage of the learning journey. In this sense, it is appropriate to test learners at the end of their training. Using an online survey, you can develop Knowledge validation tests. They will help you ensure that you master the concepts being taught well. Using the data derived from it, you will also be able to identify the trainees who have made less progress compared to the rest of the group.

For learning validation tests, you can specify the same types of questions that are used in the assessment test. However, you will need to add related items, in particular, a file grades and the corrections automatic. The first indicates the total points earned for each correct answer.

For corrections, these are the messages that you program to appear each time you choose an answer. It automatically indicates whether the choice made was the correct one. This allows you to save time analyzing the results.

Conduct a satisfaction assessment under Qualiopi

Training success depends not only on learners. It largely depends on the training center that creates each Teaching techniques used. Thus, good follow-up of skills means evaluation of these methods. To do this, you can make a file satisfaction survey. As I understand, far from being an evaluation, it is a way of collecting the feelings of the learners. In this specific case, the training center is judged.

Hot Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction survey can be conducted hot. In other words, it is possible to implement it in the minutes following the end of the training. Thanks to the online survey, it allows you to measure the satisfaction of the participants. They will be able to determine to what extent the training has met their expectations. This survey allows you to see if you have given the trainees what they were looking for by joining one of your programmes.

Moreover, it gives them the opportunity toTraining Quality Assessment. They will be able to give their opinion on:

  • Educational Tools
  • training materials,
  • organizing courses,
  • Providing trainers, etc.

So the satisfaction survey helps your training center to fill the gaps in it.

Cold Satisfaction Wipe

A satisfaction survey can also be conducted cool. This means that the online survey is distributed and made available to learners after several weeks of training. The goal is to evaluate the use of what has been learned and its application in a real situation. Thus, you can say whether the means used and the concepts covered make your training a relevant programme.

Whether conducted hot or cold, a satisfaction survey consists of questions such as those called open-ended. They do not impose any restrictions on responses. There are also questions like smileys, stars, or even metrics that are useful for creating a rating grid.

Choose the appropriate online survey software

UseOnline survey Improving the follow-up of your training center’s skills is possible thanks to the program. If the latter does not fit your requirements, you will not be able to achieve your goals. This is why it is important to choose your online survey creation solution carefully.

We recommend that you first resort to the program that corresponds to European General Data Protection Regulation Regulation. This is the General Data Protection Regulation. It is a guarantee of quality and reassures users that there is a file safe system of data processing.

Also choose the program that offers you the most Features. The most important one is undoubtedly related to data collection From your questionnaires, and on Interpretation. Good software should also facilitate Distribute your polls, in various media. This way, the people who are supposed to answer it will have no problem doing so.

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