New Hewlett Packard Foundation Partner Program Launched

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announces a new partner program, HPE Partner Ready Vantage. Building on the HPE Partner Ready Program, the HPE Partner Ready Vantage has been developed to help partners adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market. The program learns about the different skills and business models of partners, including and developing the expertise of companies that have traditional sales models as well as those that adopt a “as-a-service” model. The new HPE Partner Ready Vantage program gives partners the flexibility to meet customer requirements and accelerate their customers’ transformation journeys.

Alongside this program, HPE has also announced Pro Series updates, new Partner Connect improvements, and an update to the HPE Partner Portal to simplify and improve the experience for HPE Partners and their customers.

Partners today are facing major changes in the market. Rather than simply offering specific infrastructure components, customers expect partners to understand their business and provide and manage comprehensive solutions that help them solve specific problems and achieve business results.Keys to Measurable Results. Instead of adopting a capex (CapEx) approach, customers now demand operating expense agreements (OpEx), where partners offer easy-to-use “as-a-service” solutions that allow them to pay for only what they need. More than ever, customers are looking for reliable partners who provide comprehensive service and continuous support, tailored to their unique needs and business goals. In fact, according to the International Data Center[1]76% of B2B customers want partners to take on more day-to-day administrative and operational responsibilities for their infrastructure, so their internal IT staff can focus more on their business.

HPE Partner Ready Vantage responds to these market shifts and provides partners with the capabilities they need to meet the evolving requirements of their customers. The program provides partners the flexibility to identify and seize new opportunities, strengthen client relationships, expand market reach, and deliver comprehensive solutions that deliver measurable business results to clients. HPE Partner Ready Vantage enables partners to deliver the solutions their customers want, in a way that fits their specific business goals.

HPE Partner Ready Vantage

HPE Partner Ready Vantage is designed to provide partners with additional opportunities to increase profitability and deepen long-term relationships with clients, namely:

• Parallel to the business strategy of the partners. Centers of Expertise (COE), specialized in important areas of activity, are organized to align with the current or future skills of the partners. Partners can access new markets and unlock new revenue streams by choosing to deliver the services they need, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

• Rationalization and maximum flexibility. The unified partner program and updated portal include catalogs from HPE and Aruba, so that partners can offer solutions tailored to their business. Partners can quickly and easily access the information they need. They spend less time researching and more time providing value to their customers.

• Designed to grow as a service. No matter how far partners progress in their “as-a-service” journey, they can develop or improve their service expertise. Partners can position their business as a market leader by leveraging HPE’s edge-to-cloud solutions – powered by HPE GreenLake – to develop unique customer experiences to grow their business.

This new program is built around three core components: construction, sales and service. As an extension of these components, there are specialized centers of excellence that provide training, marketing initiatives and appropriate sales tools. HPE Partner Ready Vantage focuses on developing and recognizing partners’ expertise, while developing and supporting the way partners work.

• Build Track is designed for partners to integrate HPE technology, leveraging tested and proven turnkey solutions from HPE and HPE Technology Partners. Partners can also develop their own applications using open HPE platforms to deliver solutions that meet their customers’ needs.

• The sales funnel is designed to help partners grow their business as a service by providing value-added solutions across the HPE portfolio.

• The service path is specifically designed for partners who specialize in providing services throughout the customer lifecycle, including: consulting, evaluation, design, integration, deployment, migration, support and management.

The following Aruba Services CEs are now available: Customer Success, Managed Services, and Professional Services. The Build and Sell Centers of Excellence, as well as the Hybrid Cloud Services Centers of Excellence, will be available to all partners over the next year.

New HPE Pro Series improvements

The HPE Pro Series enables HPE partners to differentiate themselves with expertise by delivering a personalized empowering experience to partner sales, technical and marketing teams. Partners can use virtual forums to connect with experts and professionals, access training focused on results and workload, and improve digital marketing effectiveness through a series of tools, content, and marketing resources.

• HPE Tech Pro has been updated to expand its enabling offerings to support new technical roles in line with HPE Partner Ready Vantage. The new offerings target partners pursuing business-as-a-service models who need cloud and managed services skills and CRM capabilities to achieve their goals.

• HPE Sales Pro has been updated based on partner feedback to give them quick access to the most relevant and up-to-date tools to conduct one-on-one interviews and increase sales. New features include a dedicated portal with unique certification status and training modules, portfolio learning programs with curated and interactive pathways, and Recommended Training (TRT) to make it easier for partners to find and prioritize relevant and effective training modules. New features for on-the-job learning have also been added: Training modules can be used as podcasts, videos or webinars, Results Discussion Guides provide quick access to interesting questions for use in business conversations, and the Industry Business Value Framework helps partners better prepare for conversations Industry.

• HPE Marketing Pro has been redesigned to better meet the needs of partners and provide them with an enhanced experience through easy access to HPE marketing tools and content. The new HPE Marketing Pro portal provides intuitive and simplified access to all of HPE’s marketing tools, while the revamped HPE Social Media Center features an improved user interface with unified navigation, content filtering, updated guides and additional features. Partners will also find new educational content in the HPE Partner Learning Center, including modules on Marketing Analytics, Social Trends, Search Updates/SEO, and Social Media/Telemarketing.

Partner Connect

Partner Connect is a digital platform that facilitates connections between clients and partners, and between partners, in order to accelerate the search for solutions and skills adapted to the needs of companies. Partner Connect provides location capabilities that connect users to thousands of HPE partners with search capabilities based on experience, partner type, location, keywords and soon by solution.

Partner Connect is built on the foundation of Cloud28+, a digital business platform that has grown over a decade into the largest community of cloud services. The historic success of this organization allows Partner Connect to bring all categories of partners, intellectual property, and capabilities to a broader scale and framework to provide all HPE partners with a platform to increase their visibility and showcase skills, solutions and thought leadership.

Since the launch in December 2021, improvements have been made constantly to improve the user experience and collaboration capabilities. Basic auto-profiling allowed partners to update their information and ratings, and starting today, partners will see the launch of improved auto-profiling that allows partners to showcase their HPE products and services with greater control over how they are featured and promoted. their solutions.

HPE Partner Ready Portal provides an enhanced user experience

The ready-made HPE Partner Portal has been updated with a design that emphasizes ease of site navigation and integration. The revamped homepage features a What’s New section for news, events, promotions, and webinars, and consolidated menu links provide quick access to business tools and related content.

• Redesigned appearance and user experience: Enhanced dashboard tools are optimized to contain business data such as partner compensation or deal logging. All other tools can be added as quick links that allow one-click access.

• Simplified navigation: In the new HPE Partner Ready Portal, all information is centrally placed in the navigation menu under Partner Status and Benefits. The central tool catalog allows partners to request access to tools using the “Request access” button with a single click.

• Site Integration: The updated portal introduces a new customizable view that integrates content into a single, modern and simplified user interface for all partners, in all regions and countries.

The new HPE Partner Ready Vantage program and updates announced today reinforce HPE’s commitment to partners and their experience as an important part of the broader ecosystem and pathway to market. These significant program investments increase the value of partnering with HPE for all partners, prioritizing the partners’ future growth in their journey as a service.

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