In Senegal, Maguette Niang opens new horizons for digital communications and tourism

(Agence Ecofin) – For Maguette Niang, social networking is now more than just a tool to entertain, connect and stay connected. They have become a working tool where virtual promotes reality and allows it to be a sponsor of its own projects.

At just 24 years old, Senegalese Maguette Niang has already set up two companies in her country. One of them, Sunutrip, was launched in 2020, and offers tour guide services to both local and foreign visitors. The concept that makes the difference is that the tourist does not realize that just visiting places or monuments. It provides a real interaction with the local environment and here allows the tourist to immerse himself in the places visited.

His second company, LinkYou Agency, specializes in digital marketing and community and event management. She knows the field better as during her tenure she worked for Senegalese companies such as McCann Dakar or Digital Expertiz, managing communities on social networks. However, his agency’s first client is his tour company. It uses social networks to generate discovery needs among those who visit its pages, especially Instagram.

Maguette Niang holds a degree in Marketing and International Business from the Polytechnic University of Dakar. In 2018, while working in sales with the Sonatel Group (Orange Senegal), she launched her first project to sell items online. The latter did not work. She says in an interview with BlogAracare Concept that this failure was the result of her immaturity and above all it allowed her to understand what mistakes she should not make when launching her project.

Today, Maguette Niang is trying to diversify its activities. Its tourism agency also offers to organize recreational activities for its potential clients. In the field of digital communications, she has developed a concept that allows her to act as an intermediary between the “stars” of social networks and companies. It works as a commercial agency for influencers. The latter can therefore communicate about products or services for a fee. The main challenge for her remains access to funding.

Since the launch of its initiatives, it finances all its activities with its own financial resources. It is true that African commercial banks find it difficult to finance this type of project. To generate additional income and possibly also to get new ideas, the promoter carries out activities as an entrepreneurial consultant. She shares her experience with young people, but can also learn from them.

Despite her experience in the field, Maguette Niang continues to train herself. Over the past two years, I’ve earned certifications, including Google Digital Workshop and Google Classroom certification. In 2021, she also published a guide on entrepreneurship. In the future, she plans to use her skills at conferences to share knowledge and experiences among aspiring entrepreneurs.

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