Computer school, then? Jobs and salaries waiting for you

Whether you are a computer lover or determined to go down this path, know that many jobs with comfortable salaries await you. All information with IPSSI, a famous school of computing for work and study, which aims to advance your career.

Created in 1998, IPSSI stands out today as a school of reference in digital engineering and computing, with its headquarters in Paris, Marne-la-Vallee and Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Thanks to the good training of professionals in this sector, the teaching of work and study and that little “extra spirit” that makes it human (and not just a geek!), this great school of Bachelors and Masters accompanies you and paves the way to success. What jobs are waiting for you? What salaries can you claim? Explanations and figures!

Two bachelor’s, three master’s and dozens of exciting professions

Within IPSSI, no less than five sectors starred. On the Bachelor side (bac +3), you will find BTS SIO or a file Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Development, Which gives you the possibility to choose between system and network management or full web developmentAnd the It can be accessed after the baccalaureate. And on the master’s side (baccalaureate +5)? The Mr. Dave. Data and artificial intelligence (To become an expert in web and data architecture development), MSc Cyber ​​Security and Cloud (to become a system security professional) and MSc in Digital and Data Marketing (To become the king of the web and data analysis).

State-of-the-art training, constantly adapting to the modern world and current business challenges. As a result, once you earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, either a state-recognised Tier 6 or 7 diploma, you can gain access to exciting careers, as a computer technician or an experienced engineer. How about becoming a lead developer (and managing an entire team of developers)? The Big Data Administrator (and here you are the king of data, the pillar of the company)? An ethical hacker (for hacking the structure you’re working for and testing for its flaws?) or even an information systems expert?

If you work more in the digital field, the careers of mobile application developer, web project manager, data analyst, devops, traffic manager or even digital brand manager are waiting for you after your studies at IPSSI, via a master’s degree dedicated to digital and digital careers.

IPSSI pass rates are excellent

IPSSI offers you high quality courses and strives to support each individual student throughout their education. In other words, people are at the heart of education: students are listened to and invited to reveal their talents according to their personality, desires and dreams for the future. Since nothing is impossible, IPSSI encourages them to take the right path, that is, their own path. An additional guarantee of success.

Work and study teaching also allows students to excel, as they combine theory and practice by splitting their time between school and company. This access to the world of work is more than formative and allows students not only to apply their knowledge in this field, but also to enrich themselves thanks to the sum of their professional experience.

Thus, IPSSI pass rates are close to the top and are respectively 85.5% for the Bachelor’s Director. Systems and Networks, 82.9% for BSc development. Fullstack & DevOps, 94.1% for Cyber ​​Security and Cloud Master, 95.7% for Dev, Data & IA Master and finally 100% for Digital Marketing Master!

IT and digital salaries

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, IPSSI students enjoy an average monthly salary of €32,000. Cybersecurity graduates and cloud masters flirt with an average salary of €43,900 per year. As for the actual salaries after Dev, Data & IA and Digital Marketing Master it comes to €38,900 per year and €37,600 per year.

In the age of digital and new technologies and in a high-speed world, companies are looking for profiles from computer schools that are able to adapt and innovate. Thanks to IPSSI, you will be a part of it and will be able to thrive by pursuing an exciting and challenging career, and… being paid very fair. The future is yours!

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