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Today we’ll show you how to create your first email campaign with Newsletter2Go in 5 easy to follow steps. If you want to apply our guide and test the software while reading this article, you can register for free on Newsletter2Go…

To get started, once you are logged into your account, click on the “Newsletters” tab, then on “Standard Newsletter”.

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Step 1: General information

Here you will be able to enter the basic information for your campaign:

  • Correspondence name It won’t appear to your recipients, however, and will help you find your newsletter later (so remember to give it a relevant name and not just Newsletter #2!).
  • Tags It allows you to mark your newsletter so you can find it more easily. Tags are optional but can be very useful if you are sending a lot of newsletters.
  • The sender’s name Allows you to specify the name that recipients will see. If you leave this field blank, your email address will be displayed instead. This part is important because The more they get to know you, the more your customers will open up to your newsletters!
  • Head Allows you to configure the text that will appear below the subject of emails before opening (in some email clients). Preheader allows you to personalize your newsletter and define your offer.
  • the object, perhaps the most important information to provide at this point. To improve your campaigns and customer relationships, you can customize the item (click on “Personalization” on the left).

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The screen that will then appear allows you to select a dynamic criterion to be incorporated into your object. This will automatically adapt according to the recipients. Complex? No way:

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For example, you can choose ” Title “and click Define personalization.

A field will then appear in the object titled {{lastname}}. This will be automatically replaced with your recipients name.

If your subject is “Bonjour {{Gender}} {{lastname}}” and you send your newsletter to Jeanne Lefevre Moin and Pierre Millen, they will respectively receive an email with the subject “Bonjour Madame Lefevbre” and “Hello Mr. Millen”.

Once you have filled out the general information, click Continue.

Step 2: Choose models

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Here you can either upload your own newsletter template or choose one of the 50 free responsive templates provided by Newsletter2Go. Once you select a template, you will be automatically taken to the next step.

Step 3: Edit a newsletter

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The Newsletter2Go editor is very intuitive and presented in a similar way to popular programs, such as Word. You can simply click on the templates and include your images or text, change the colors or rearrange the different modules.

You can also add new units and place them as you wish with just a few clicks.

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On request, and from €349.00, Newsletter2Go will create your individual template, adapted to the specific needs of your campaigns. Designed specifically for e-commerce, the individual templates allow you to integrate your products directly into your newsletter from your store system with just one click.

Once you have completed your mailing, click Continue or Recipients.

Steps 4: Choose recipients

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Here you can simply choose your recipients. There are three possibilities:

  • manuallyby importing your contact list in .csv, .xls, .xlsx or .ods format, or by syncing recipients from your store or CRM system (Prestashop, Salesforce, WordPress, Magento, etc.)
  • By choosing your Address Book In this case your mail will be sent to all your contacts.
  • by choosing Collection. Either you have groups that already exist (which you can create in the main Recipients > Groups tab), or you can select recipients directly by clicking ‘individual receiver’. The next screen will allow you to select recipients based on several criteria (name, job title, purchasing behavior, etc.)

Finally, click Continue or Submit to go to the last step.

Step 5: Send an email

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Here you can set Date and one dispatch schedule Choose how you want to measure the success of your campaign (eg by measuring open rate and clicks).

You can also make a file Spam Testwhich will tell you how likely your mail is to bypass spam filters and what you can improve (the higher the score, the less likely your emails will be delivered).

Finally, you can Check One click if everything links Your newsletter is correct and we send you a test to make sure everything works for you.

When you are satisfied, click “Send newsletter?” You can always edit your postal message or cancel sending until the date you indicated earlier.

and after?

Once you send your email, you can measure its performance in real time, thanks to the numerous reports provided by Newsletter2Go. Simply click on the main Reports tab and select your newsletter.

Here, you will be able to measure your open, clicks and conversion rate; See where your recipients clicked the most using the heatmap, where they were when they opened your newsletter, how many non-subscribers, etc.

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Test Yourself: Newsletter2Go is completely free for up to 1,000 emails per month!

Below, find a short video tutorial showing you how to create your first campaign:

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