A commercial barbecue party to encourage self-employment in Burkina Faso

Eager to provide a framework for the exchange between businessmen and women, to facilitate communication between project leaders and donors, the Organizing Committee of Business BBQ was facing the media, this Saturday, 25 June 2022 in Ouagadougou, to announce the colors of these 3e Editing.

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BBQ d’affaires is a business space for young entrepreneurs, project leaders, investors and funding structures; So that these actors can connect, in a network, to really promote self-employment in Burkina Faso, weave partnership relations, weave a framework for the exchange of experiences, to really strengthen young people in this world of entrepreneurship which is not easy ‘,” reports Wenda Isaac Zida, promoter of the barbecue business.

3e Today, you should know that this current version is based on the rather positive results of the previous two versions, according to the Business BBQ promoter. However, there will be several innovations that will make this current version even more beautiful.

Already this year, there are many innovations compared to previous editions, in particular the general conference on the topic: Young entrepreneurs facing digital challenges, after the general conference, we will have free training in digital marketing, to enhance the digital capabilities of young people, and the Business BBQ program that will be held on the 23rd July, it will be colorful, especially in the stadium, from B to B, auctions, success stories Announces.

Wendeda Isaac Zida, promoter of the BBQ business

32 companies affected in Burkina Faso in 1time Edition and 2e Edition, 45 companies were affected, and in 3e Edition, intends to reach 100 companies. Two conditions are required to participate in the barbecue, Law 3.

For participation, there are two ways, in particular individual, with 10,000 and 20,000 pass for companies. All these permits entitle you to a free training in digital marketing ‘, he adds.

As for the calendar of various activities, it must be noted that after the press conference, a general conference will be held on July 16; Digital Marketing Training on July 22nd, and finally the big date on July 23rd, where the commercial barbecue will take place.

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