Traffic Management: The Best Strategy for Your Business

Creating a website is good business, but generating more traffic is even better. This is exactly the goal of the strategy traffic movement Management. Achieving website traffic goals websiteespecially the one that has just been launched, is not an easy task. So the solution is to develop a traffic management strategy or file submission traffic movement management in your company.

Show traffic movement Management

The traffic movement Administration is the name of all tasks designed to direct traffic to the site website. In other words, it is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

So traffic movement Management brings together all the different traffic acquisition tools Such as This is SEO, Seasocial campaigns advertisements and other things.

The desired goal is traffic movement Management

The goal of traffic management is not necessarily to get the same amount of traffic, but to get the right one. In other words, the goal is to attract as many qualified traffic as possible.

Without understanding your goals, your location website You will not succeed and you will not be able to reach your sales goals. It is essential to know that getting traffic is a long term business that requires daily work. This observation is more true in the context of traffic management where all means of access must be taken care of.

Traffic manager main working cranes

The person who supervises the strategy traffic movement Management can be set traffic movement Traffic manager or manager, or traffic acquisition manager. Managers must master all available means of traffic generation.

Source: ESMA

search engine optimization

The first lever that can be found in a traffic management strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). The goal is to place the site website as high as possible in search engine results. This is the most important lever for gaining traffic. So it is the most effective in the long run, as it does not require paid operations. Moreover, it is a better way to generate qualified traffic, because your site website He will be able to target orders that best meet your target needs.

Sea and google advertisements

Well, Google ads are also important. It is actually an advertising network from Google. The latter is a major acquisition lever, as Google is the most used search engine worldwide. As such, its ads Show It represents huge potential.

Send by email

Email marketing is essential for everything, not just to increase traffic. It is one of the most profitable and powerful marketing tools.

Social media

Social media is far from being the most effective lever. In fact, a small percentage of the site’s traffic website It comes from social media. It is much less profitable than SEO or email. However, the brand and customer acquisition as well as the customer community must have some presence.

Other work levers for traffic manager

In addition to these four main levers, there are many other levers such as:

  • Other advertising platforms: FB advertisementsLinkedIn advertisementsInstagram advertisementsand etc.
  • market attendance
  • Join the program
  • Collaboration with influencers

All you need to know about the traffic manager job

The main tasks and roles of the traffic manager

a task traffic movement Manager revolves around different tools: SEO, SeaThe Google advertisementsEmail, affiliate marketing, and more.

He will coordinate the creation of these different styles of acquisition and who will be responsible for their success. As a result, it requires some understanding of digital marketing.

What training should be followed to become a traffic manager?

How to become a traffic manager
Source: MaFormation

There are many ways to become traffic movement boss:

Complete a digital marketing training

Professional training in digital marketing is welcome, as you need to fully master these tools.

Through a commercial or advertising school

For project management, communication and strategy, business or advertising school may apply well.

What information do you need to become a traffic manager?

In addition to knowledge of online marketing tools, a traffic movement The manager must:

Stay informed with digital news. Organizing your watch is key to keeping up with developments.

Systematically manage all acquisition instruments.

Proactively develop strategies across all channels without wasting time

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