The strategy to adopt for your business

Creating a website is fine, but it’s even better to attract traffic to it! This is exactly the goal of the traffic management strategy. Achieving a website traffic goal, especially if it has just been launched, is not easy. So the solution is to set up a traffic management strategy and/or bring a traffic manager into your company.

Traffic Management: Definition and Objectives

The traffic department It is the name of the set of tasks that aim to drive traffic to a website. In other words, it is an essential part of the marketing strategy.

Thus, Traffic Management combines all the different traffic acquisition tools like natural references, social ad campaigns, SEA and much more.

What will the Traffic Department allow?

The goal of traffic management is not necessarily to get the maximum traffic, but above all to get the right traffic. In other words, the goal is to attract as many qualified traffic as possible.

Without seeing your goal, your website will not be able to perform and you will not be able to achieve your sales goals, whether it is an e-commerce site or selling a service. It must be understood that Gaining traffic is hard workWhich requires daily work. In the context of traffic management, this observation is more correct because it is necessary to take care of all means of acquisition.

Traffic manager work cranes

Thus, whoever oversees the traffic management strategy may be appointed as a traffic manager or responsible for French traffic acquisition. The responsible person(s) must have a Control all the levers at their disposal to attract traffic.


The first lever that can be found in the traffic management strategy SEO, or natural references in French. The goal is to position the website as much as possible in search results on search engines. This is the The most important lever to get traffic. It is also the most effective in the long run because it does not require payment to operate. In addition, it is an excellent way to attract qualified traffic as your site will be able to position the queries that best meet the needs of your target.

SEA and Google Ads

Hence, Google ads are also important. It’s about Google Ad Network. This is a huge acquisition lever given that Google is the most used search engine in France and the world, by far. even him Display ads have huge potential. Advertising can be done in search results (search, shopping) or on partner sites (view).

Send by email

Email is essential in every way, not just in gaining traffic. It is one of the The most powerful and profitable marketing levers. In fact, for a ridiculously low price, you will be able to connect with the entire database and possibly attract it to your website.

social networks

Social networks are far from the most powerful lever. In fact, a small minority of site traffic comes from social networks. It’s a much less profitable lever than, say, email or SEO. However, it is necessary Ensure the presence of a certain brand imageand customer community and customer acquisition (although hard to measure).

Social networks in traffic management

Other traffic acquisition levers

Apart from these four main levers, there are many other levers, such as:

  • Other advertising platforms (especially on social networks): Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.
  • presence on markets : Amazon or others.
  • ProgramsSubsidiary
  • The the partnership With influencers or sponsored articles

Why is the idea of ​​personality important to the traffic manager?

People are clearly the focus of a traffic manager’s tasks. As we said at the beginning of the article, its goal isAttract qualified traffic to the site. For traffic to qualify, it must be tangibly similar to the different personalities and target audiences while implementing the strategy.

Traffic manager job

What are the main tasks and role of the traffic manager?

So the traffic manager tasks revolve around the levers we just mentioned: SEO, Google Ads, Email, Community Management, Affiliation, Markets, etc… It’s the one who will do it. Coordination of the implementation of these various means of acquisition And who will be responsible for their success. So this requires a certain knowledge of digital marketing in its entirety.

What is the training to become a traffic manager?

There are several ways to become a traffic manager:

  • Do digital marketing training
    Specialized training in digital marketing is welcome, because you need a global mastery of the tools.
  • Go through a commercial or advertising school
    For project management, strategy and communication aspect, Business School or Advertising Profiles can apply.
  • You have experience
    20 years ago, digital marketing was not taught as it is today, however the job of traffic manager is not intended for people under the age of 30. People with solid experience in digital marketing can apply for this type of job. The most important thing is to have the required skills.

What profile do you need to become a traffic manager?

Besides knowledge of online marketing tools, a traffic manager must:

  • Stay informed with digital news. Regulating the clock is essential to keep pace with developments.
  • be organized To manage all acquisition levers without any problem.
  • Take initiatives To develop strategies on different channels without wasting time.

What price should be taken into consideration for a traffic management consultant?

To hire a traffic management consultant, prices are quite variable. You’ll find it for all budgets, between 300 and over 1,000 euros per day. Otherwise, for an employee, it would take between 30,000 and 40,000 for beginners, and up to 60,000+ for proven web stores.

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