Digital agencies at the heart of business strategy

While the challenges of digitalization now feature prominently for businesses, digital agencies are bringing their knowledge to enable their clients to improve their visibility and improve their business as much as possible. Specializing in online marketing, Agency Inside offers various services, such as natural and paid references, website creation, or tracking Date.

Digitization: the new challenge for businesses

The lever of development and growth, digitization has now become a fundamental strategic issue for all French companies.

If the health crisis has made it possible to realize the cumulative delay in relation to digital transformation, many players now want support in order to successfully approach this transformation in the best possible way, in order to maintain their competitive edge. company at the best level; Rather, it touches new, hitherto unreachable horizons.

Choosing the right digital agency

A digital agency provides various services related to the development of digital content to its clients. Supports brands and companies in optimizing this strategic plan using customized tools, while respecting each player’s budget.

To select a digital agency, the business manager must then consider several criteria, such as those related to the said agency’s expertise in relation to his or her own business needs; Or by studying previous projects implemented by other companies and their return on investment.

Many services are available

Our agency currently offers many services, whether in terms of creating or redesigning websites, natural references (SEOs) and paid references (SEAs), managing social networks, developing ‘social ads’, or even upgrading websites to GDPR standards. ; For example, but not limited.” says Tipu Fago, president of Agency Inside, the family business that specializes in internet marketing.

Each digital agency, depending on its specialty, is able to support VSE companies and SMEs on issues related to them tracking data and exploit the data collected, so that everyone can access the most useful information, via a simplified control panel.

In the field of tracking, in addition to data analysis, we also help companies update their website to comply with the latest GDPR regulations. In fact, a large number of web platforms built a few years ago are no longer keeping up with this new legislation. ‘ continues Thibault Fagu.

Be at the customer’s service

“To carry out its various tasks, the agency now consists of a team of seven experienced and creative collaborators; they are constantly accessible and attentive to the different expectations of clients.” Director adds.

Each company can then choose the services they want to access, whether by choosing a complete package, or simply for the intervention associated with, for example, the maintenance of their own website, writing specific web content, and a website SEO review. Or create a newsletter. Then the digital agency operates independently, without duplicating its strategies from one client to another, adapting to the budget and strategic issues of each of them.

“This proximity allows us to have a good knowledge of our clients’ business, so we can offer them tailored solutions. The advisory part is also an integral part of our digital agency; we often leave the framework tied to our area of ​​expertise to advise our clients on additional aspects; as for example recently with a file A client we were able to help buy traditional media Tipu Fago concludes.

At the helm of the company alongside his father, himself a former marketing director at a communications agency, today the family duo manage to combine their many skills – a marriage between the world of marketing and the digital universe – in order to consistently deliver the right solutions. changing needs.

While in 2022, French VSE and SMEs – but also European – are still lagging behind in adopting digital technologies compared to the largest companies, the work of digital agencies allows them to put their digital expertise at the service of these players, by providing them with the tips and online marketing solutions they need to promote their business.

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