Brainsonic, Artifact, and DDB Score… Budget Gains for the Week (June 20-24)

Be Le Boro

public relations agency Be Le Boro It announces the arrival of three new beauty and wellness clients in its portfolio: skincare brand Propice, hair care subsidiary Ioma Haircare and wellness venue Yonaguni Spa.

DDB result

DDB resultSociété Générale Assurances, the retail agency of the DDB Group, has chosen to support it in its relational digital communications (e-newsletters and podcasts, in particular).


rational Wins the “Social Media and Influence” budget from Lenovo in France. The agency will also support Lenovo and Motorola in their strategy and create a new area of ​​expression.


Heroiks He was commissioned after the competition to create and buy spaces for Nalo, a French financial technology company that specializes in 100% online personal savings solutions.

before the bride

before the brideThe Loyalty Company’s relational marketing consulting agency announces its gains from the new budgets: French Rugby Federation, PMU, Pro à Pro, Bonneterre, Husqvarna, Savencia, Enercoop, Coface, OPPBTP and Business France.

inspirational motivational

inspirational motivational (The Loyalty Company), an agency specializing in sales performance leadership and management, wins new budgets: Expectra, Epson, GLS, David Master, Premier Tech, Kantar and Irsap.


Glenfiddich retained the proxy France To support her in her brand positioning strategy and dissemination of PR and influence campaigns. The agency’s mission will be to reposition Glenfiddich and the expression area in order to bring about a real transformation in terms of brand perception in the French market. The brand’s ambition is to become the leader in the Single Malt category.


The organization has been in France since 1881, chose the Salvation Army index To align its communication strategy and editorial organisation, based on multiple communication mediums: Internal, external, website, social networks and paper publications. Long-term support dedicated to all audiences and involving all teams and stakeholders (donors, volunteers, staff).

Artifact 3000

After an invitation to tenders organized by VT Scan, eBay e-merchant chose the agency Artifact 3000 To support him in communication. eBay has chosen to work with Artefact 3000 teams for their ability to innovate and create surprise. The agency will be responsible for developing the new brand platform, which will be expressed through a new campaign in the coming months. This support will continue in the long term.

Miss Scarlett

Miss Scarlett Brain Group was chosen by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic group Pierre Fabre to imagine a communication plan that celebrates its 60th anniversary.

red dragon

Mondial Relay (InPost Group) reviewed its brand strategy with red dragon. With its signature “a smile on every street corner”, Mondial Relay wants to reassert its proximity to cities and the countryside and its “ability to deliver high-quality, low-carbon service, right down to the last kilometer”.

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