Bobby, “Doctolip” for building contractors from Bordeaux

Bobby and the Purdue company that originally originated, Cybat Solutions, is above all else a human adventure. That 34-year-old Adrien Rey and after being involved in the launch and success of the Girondin handicraft brewery, resumed his studies to train as an integrated developer (website engineer), with a clear goal: “I met an IT business manager who had been dreaming for five Years with a project that Bobby hasn’t baptized yet. He didn’t have time to throw it away. I was involved with him on this. During my training I was able to identify the best profiles among my fellow recruits!”

27 million potential users in Europe

If he left Wild Code School with four other alumni, he also took his coach aboard the Cybat Solutions adventure. “In February 2021, at launch, we had a budget of €300,000, a team of five permanent employees, two retrained apprentices and three apprentices. From there we moved very quickly to the software package that, in its first edition, Boby, baptized into the world of builders and craftsmen. and SMEs with basically 0 to 49 employees. These are companies that spend so much time doing administrative tasks that reduce their availability to respond to customers, slow down their construction sites, and therefore their bills, and their business.”

Bobby targets a potential market of 2 million users in France alone, 27 million users in Europe. “Boby, the first version of which will be marketed next September, makes it easy to manage construction sites, publish estimates, manage employee schedules, collaborative work, customer relations, visibility on networks and the web… In short, it makes life easier for all construction contractors,” asserts the founder.

Saibat recruits, seduces Bobby

The development of this digital “Swiss Army Knife” has already benefited from fundraising. It will happen again in 2023. Meanwhile, Saibat is recruiting. The company is looking for a product manager, three developers. In July, she wanted to hire two CDIs in marketing.

At the beginning of 2023, the company, already crowded in its offices located in the heart of Euratlantique, will have about thirty employees. Small shooting moves fast. The ERP system entices those for whom Boby’s humorous communications guarantee “helmet-free job sites” and assures carpenters: “You work hard on your estimates.” 94% of the 55 construction companies who have tested it for months say they want to subscribe (between €49 and €79 / but depending on the options chosen) with Boby’s solution. A marketing project can move forward quickly for Bobby.

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