Where is email marketing in Belgium?

TheEmail marketing is constantly subject to changes and trends. For this reason, every year, Flexmail, through the Email Metric, evaluates the strategy and expectations of Belgian email marketers.

The results of this survey above all show that companies, B2B and B2C, are devoting more and more resources to email marketing. Whereas earlier versions of this survey tended to indicate that email was handled by the marketing and/or communication department, that responsibility now rests with online marketers, or even specialized email marketers.

But that’s not all: We also note that Belgian email marketing has increasingly become the center of gravity of the marketing mix in recent years. Results have improved and marketers are setting clear goals and strategies. They choose a healthy set of immediate business goals and relationship goals. Rather than sending out bulk emails, it starts with a well-defined strategy and includes email marketing at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Marketing automation continues to be the trend of 2016, being an ingenious way to lighten your workload while increasing added value to your target audience. Content and targeting remain the main concern in this context.

Belgian marketers indicate in the results that they are always actively looking for inspiration and knowledge to improve their strategy. The developments of their email marketing platform play a very influential role in this regard: participants consider their platform and the information they receive from it to be the main sources of new ideas. So if you want to get the most out of your email marketing and get the most out of your strategy, it is essential to choose a platform that meets your needs.

In 2016, email marketers will increase their send volume, but they will also apply targeting, segmentation, and automation more systematically. These aspects indicate that increasing the sending volume does not necessarily mean that every contact will receive more emails. Efforts should focus on sending the right information based on communication needs and preferences.

In light of these trends and developments, what do Belgian marketers think of email marketing and its role within their company? How does email fit into their overall marketing strategy? How do they use email? And what was the result? Discover the report and all the results.

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