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Fouad Rad is someone who goes fast, very fast. Is that why the group he heads is called Sprint? The shortcut is easy but it’s not far from reality… Rarely, in the printing sector, has a group seen such a rapid rise: fifteen acquisitions in five years, a business that doubled by twenty in seven years! “We are not taking over companies to eliminate competitors but because we are looking for integration in services and products – Fouad Rad explains – The goal, in the end, is that we can provide the customer with everything he needs directly, without having to resort to subcontracting, to meet the requirements of his time to market ». In the span of fifteen years, starting with a small re-imaging of 30 square meters created in Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), Foad Rad has built a collection that today weighs 100 million euros in turnover and employs 620 people. Its multiple disciplines have come together over the course of the acquisitions: brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters, direct marketing, large formats, point of sale, packaging, etc.

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The most important operations are undoubtedly the successive mergers of Rivaton in 2019, Fabrègue in 2020 and Chabrillac in 2021. Each time, the logic is the same: to acquire expertise, technology and market. Thus Rivaton enabled the group to develop into offset printing for catalogs, flyers and correspondence when Faberge offered them diversification into foldable boxes and revolving printing, while Chabrillac gave them expertise in labels and point of sale. Previously, the group acquired luxury catalog specialist Leclerc, design and marketing provider Advence and Axiom Graphic and Alliance Partenaires Graphiques, which provides commercial printing services. To finance such acquisitions, the company resorts to bank financing combined with self-financing. “We are not dependent on any investment fund, which gives us more freedom in the strategy we want to implement.” Fouad Rad, who today owns 82% of the capital of the group he founded, is reassured. By taking advantage of market opportunities, often in the context of business transitions, Fouad Rad was able to find the right opportunities to develop in a sector that many analysts thought was dead in the face of the rise of the Internet and digital technology. “As long as companies need to communicate, sell and promote their products, they will need printed paper, as well as digital campaigns,” Confirms.

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Always on the lookout for new acquisitions—a major acquisition is due in the coming weeks—Sprint makes no secret of its desire to grow its packaging business. This segment, including Fabrègue cases and POS monitors from Chabrillac and Cartonnage GIL (acquired last February) represents €15 million, or just 15% of its revenue. “Customers who come to visit us for a marketing process regularly ask us about points of sale and packaging. It is important that, if we want to become a one-stop shop, as we desire, we can respond positively to them. In addition to the legitimate demands of some of its customers, Foad Rad also sees great diversity Current printing equipment as an additional tool to approach these new markets.To mention offset machines, which can go with options from card printed to foldable case or digital presses that meet multiple requirements, for small and medium series, in commercial printed materials, but also packaging and prototyping .

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However, the leader believes that strengthening his position in packaging and labeling will necessarily involve a “disabled” display. This takes shape along three main axes: digital printing of corrugated board, to produce a small and medium series of cases, boxes and displays; Label printing, again digital, “a part that keeps growing”; web to package. “Packaging is a dynamic market, growing at 2-3% annually, but we remain competitive, we must provide an innovative response to the market.” Leader summarizes. Based on this roadmap, and knowing that it will certainly continue as it has done so far through acquisitions, even through organic growth, through investment in the industrial tool, the group aspires to achieve 25% of its volume in packaging and labels within a few years . Porosity between markets is made possible by printing technologies, but also a well-prepared customer profile, which consists of about 5,000 accounts between SMEs and large groups such as L’Oréal, Lidl, Bic or Elle & Vire can help with this.

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