Nomura and Instinet launch innovative digital private investment platform


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( — Nomura and Instinet Incorporated have announced the launch in Europe of Instinet DealMatch, a new private digital investment platform that connects institutional investors in Europe with companies seeking to raise capital.

The Instinet DealMatch is designed to be more efficient, reduce time to market and provide access to a much wider range of institutional investors than existing solutions. This progress is made possible by the creation of this digital platform that acts as the hub for a chain of transaction processes. In Instinet DealMatch, investors can access teasers, submit memos, and view ideas virtually. Nomura and Instinet can also carry out transactions through the Instinet DealMatch, including recording interest indications and seamless order placement.

“We are delighted to offer our clients the opportunity to raise capital through the revolutionary digital platform, the Instinet DealMatch,” said Charles Bates Tucker, Nomura’s Head of Investment Banking for EMEA.

Miles Evanson, Head of Private Placements at Nomura EMEA adds: “Private placement activity continues to grow exponentially in Europe, so it is critical that we ensure that our execution capabilities are able to keep pace with this trend. Along with streamlined marketing and expansion Distribution capabilities, Instinet DealMatch provides companies looking to increase capital access to a broader and more diverse pool of potential investors, as well as a digital work environment that allows for “dramatically increasing the efficiency and transparency of the execution process.” We are confident that this innovative digital platform will provide superior added value to our clients in the private placement space in Europe.”

Ralston Roberts, Global CEO of Instinet, concludes: “At Instinet, our primary goal has always been to help our clients create and implement as effective investment strategies as possible. Instinet has been a pioneer in the online brokerage industry for more than fifty years and has always been technologically innovative. It was part of our mission.Working alongside our parent company, Nomura, we can leverage their deep private equity expertise and relationships with issuers to advance the investment process for this major asset class.We believe now is the time to digitize and democratize The private investment markets ecosystem, and therefore we are very pleased to participate in this new market development with the Instinet DealMatch.”

The graphical user interface (“GUI”), in addition to being intuitive, is designed to greatly simplify the work and centrally manage all aspects of the private equity investment lifecycle. It is expected to shorten the time traditionally required to complete a transaction and is a more sustainable solution than other analog over-the-counter processes that still require the circulation of paper documents between parties.

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