5 Free Conferences To Rethink Your Customer Experience!

Consumers expect an unforgettable experience, both online and at physical points of sale, tailored to their needs and desires. 77% of the French attach as much importance to experience as to the product itself.

So it is a crucial factor in facing the competition and gaining a place with the retail giants.

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Thursday June 9, 2022 PayPlug, a multi-channel payment solution and Sendinblue, a French digital marketing and customer relations platform, are organizing an online event for small and medium businesses. About five round tables, sixteen tech players will discuss customer experience challenges and perspectives over the next three years.

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Understand the key challenges of the customer experience in 2022

For small and medium businesses, designing a unique and seamless customer experience is a real challenge, especially in a competitive environment like retail. With the increasing number of advertisers on paid channels, acquiring and converting customers is no small feat. You have to succeed in finding new levers to activate them.

At the same time, merchants must do their best to convince consumers. This necessarily includes personalized offers, actions and content. The challenge is to deliver a seamless and tailored experience throughout the buying journey by leveraging their data. During this conference, technology experts will discuss the phenomenon of personalization through data. You will find that it is more than just a trend. It is now a critical component of finding and retaining customers.

The same goes for omnichannel. E-commerce website, store, marketplace and social networking: Being where your customers are is essential to seizing as many opportunities as possible and expanding your sales funnel. During the event, Aurélien, Head of Marketing at Partoo, Kevin, Regional Director at Sylius and Flora, Director of Marketing at PayPlug will decode the omnichannel trend and explain how to adopt this model.

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Adapting to new trends

These conferences are a unique opportunity to understand how to adapt to these new dynamics and changing consumer expectations. During each roundtable, digital experts will bring you solutions that adapt to your business so you can create a customer experience that transforms. They will explain how to customize it using the latest available technology and how to set up an effective acquisition strategy.

You will also get their advice on how to successfully build a lasting relationship with your clients. You will be able to count on many examples of brands that have successfully combined exchange personalization and interaction.

Here are the five roundtables that will be held on Thursday, June 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • acquisition and conversion of clients;
  • Personalizing the customer experience to retain visitors;
  • offering omnichannel buying trips;
  • Building a lasting relationship with its clients;
  • Control your image online.

Whether you are a small or medium business, this event organized by PayPlug and Sendinblue is an opportunity to better understand current customer experience trends and learn how to adapt to them. To get advice from these 16 tech experts, don’t forget to sign up for free.

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