3 networks to open a temporary agency with franchise

The Labor market It changes with digital work and remote work. temporary Take advantage of this improvement Demonstrate its ability to adapt to business requirements Which targets specialized agencies for many reasons: simplification of recruitment processes, specialized profiles and business skills that match current and transcendental needs – increased activity, employee replacement, recent development of corporate digital transformation and then demand 100% digital delivery.

Temporary labor market and historical players

The Main Clients of Temporary Employment Agencies sheindustry by 40% post secondary by 35% and Construction 25%. However, some sectors have grown rapidly in recent months such as Transportation and the logistics Which recorded double-digit growth (16%) and represented 14% of temporary employment. The Services It also shows an increase (9.6%) and it represents 23% of temporary employment.
The franchised agencies have positioned themselves by offering know-how that is adapted to today’s world of work.

If the market is 60% owned by the leaders Adecco, Manpower and Ranstadt, then this sector of the economy is developing favorably and other players that are temporary privilege their place. According to the Department of Research, Studies and Statistics at the Ministry of Labor, by the end of March 2022, the number of temporary employment exceeded its level in February 2020 by 3.7%. It is increasing in all sectors of activity and in particular in the services sector, which shows an increase of 4.6% compared to the end of 2019.

Temporary work: Triple contract

The temporary employee bound by a contract of employment withworking agency not witha company Where he will be asked to work. It is the agency that signs a commercial contract with the company. He benefits from an end-of-mission allowance and since 2014, temporary employees can sign a temporary CDI with the temporary employment company. Some find advantages in it, for others it is a way to enter the world of work and discover different companies.

to me compThe HR function he is Temporary Agency Representative Who can submit rare or specific profiles that require a lot of time and money to recruit internally.

3 temporary privileges to continue

Among the generalists and specialists, franchises have made their place in this market. to discover 3 success stories to follow :


Founded in 2001 and strong in 175 agencies in the area, Tempuris It is a temporary agency like no other with a original concept ; A temporary worker is considered a client in the same way as the company that will hire him. He can benefit from personal follow-up, training and a permanent job. The franchisor accompanies the franchisor at all stages of site creation: 40 Temporis experts are dedicated to them for the optimal development of activity at all levels (logistics, administrative, legal, web development, marketing, animation, training, etc.).
for Open the Temporis privilegeI’personal contribution who is he 60 thousand euros The minimum average turnover is €2,000,000. L ‘investment outside any door 140,000 EUR It has an area of ​​approximately 80 m2. Entry fee 39,500 euros.

Aquila HR

Signal Aquila HR It is part of the network of recruitment agencies in closed group It is located in All economic sectors : construction, transport logistics, industry, services.
Stated goal: to combine the power of digital with local service. Excellence is supported by comprehensive training in all sectors: legal, regulatory, and administrative, but also in business expertise and all the tools at their disposal.
with 160 units in hexa, Aquila HR Seeks to develop in all cities regardless of size (120 sites expected in the long term).
for Open a franchise for Aquila HRI’personal contribution who is he €25,000 Minimum achievable return of €2,000,000. L ‘investment outside any door 90 thousand euros It has an area of ​​approximately 40 m2. Entry fee 35,000 euros.

Vitalis Medical

Vitalis Medical Is a franchise network specializing in recruitment and temporary work in medicalAnd the Emergency medicine specialist And the social. Vitalis Medical belongs to closed group (Lynx HR and Aquila HR). She counts today 160 agencies In France and abroad, including 33 franchises.
Support is the key to the success of this franchise, which offers franchisees a high-tech bible (dematerialized HR documents, configurable dashboards, free and automatic updates, etc.) thanks to the group it belongs to. In fact, Mistertemp Group’ is part for the second year in a row of French Tech 120 (a government mark for the development and distribution of digital technologies and uses).
for Opening a Vitalis Medical franchiseI’personal contribution who is he €25,000 Minimum potential return of €1,000,000 over two years. L ‘investment outside any door can 90,000 / 100,000 euros With an area of ​​approximately 50 m2. Entry fee is 35,000 euros.

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