what or what Technologies for approval Transform your horizons Thank you Email campaigns ? The question that arises in all companies, especially for companies specializing in Trade from B to B…

famous to be ancient wolves », BtoB prospects more It’s hard to “seduce” herdue to their experience and regular use of email.

Currently, more or Less than 50 jobs (excluding internal emails) Pass through our professional inbox every day, and this number is not ready to be reduced. while 73%[1] Of the companies that wanted to invest more in their digital budget (compared to 21% for traditional marketing), marketers and managers face the following problem: How do you stand out?

# You have in the head for you by topic !

We can’t say it enough: The goal is the nerves of war in email. Read first, under the light of your inbox, if you’re not convincing, it’s your open rate and your ROI that’s under attack.

some advices :

  • don’t forget your goal (Create a contact, appointment, or first call). No need to start a commercial or promotional offer from the first email, only 12% of messages of this type are opened (in BtoB).
  • Make it clear and concise. No need to enter bla-bla, at a glance we want to know the reason for your order.
  • Personalize and adapt your object (and your message) as per your contacts. Men, women, age or even occupation, some people will be more receptive to “Aloha” versions, for example.

# The message in the heart of your email

As mentioned earlier for the object, with The first email we will establish contact with the potential customer. Forget CTAs, fotolia and stressful messages, BtoB readers don’t want to waste time.

some advices :

  • introduce himself And just get close your activity
  • Suggest an appointment for exchange again
  • dont hurt forms of literaturewithout exaggerating it.

As for the rest of the recommendations, I invite you to Register for the webinar organized by The strategy : ” Boost your business prospecting business via email Tips, best practices and tips will be available! See you soon 😉

[1] www.e-marketing.fr