TF1 sells adtech gamned technology! for HDL box

Two birds with one stone. HLD Fund Just Acquired Adtech Gamned! to TF1, which it acquired just four years ago, with the goal of building strength in automated advertising (i.e. automated placement of ads across auction platforms) both online and on television. Resume montage of Gamned activities! It includes the co-founders, who have also left the TV channel fold and will be among the minority shareholders of the new entity.

“There was a desire to restore our independence, explains Anthony Spinas, one of the leaders of Gamned! with Olivier Golon. The rapprochement (planned) between TF1 and M6 has played a role in what is happening today. There is a direction the group has taken that is largely associated with traditional television and less so Much digital. At the end of 2010, TF1 pledged to strengthen its digital activities and obtained several acquisitions (including Aufeminin, acquired for nearly 400 million euros); United assets under the Unify brand. Unfortunately … Group She didn’t succeed in her bet.

For her part, Gamned! He will not return to the path of independence entirely alone. Besides the “deal” with TF1, HDL also bought Repeat, a media consulting agency. In total, the amount of these two operations will amount to a few tens of millions of euros, according to our information.

Acquisitions in perspective

Called the “Biggie Group” and headquartered in Paris, the consolidated group would have nearly 200 employees for sales of several tens of millions of euros annually. Including nearly 50% in France, even if the group is present in nine countries in total, including Malaysia, Italy and Brazil.

“We felt it was the time to create a large-scale digital agency rich in the technology bricks that complemented consulting activity,” notes Cedric Boksberger, Partner at HLD. The problem of digital marketing is becoming increasingly central and complex at the same time, both for large groups and SMEs. Currently, the bulk of the Biggie Group’s customer portfolio consists of mid-sized companies, but also a few big brands such as But, Thomson and So Bio.

In the coming months, Biggie Group intends to be active in the area of ​​mergers and acquisitions. Cédric Boxberger says: “The adtech market is fully consolidated and HLD has significant resources to support this movement. The idea is for our group to grow rapidly by integrating companies with a high level of expertise.”

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