Testimonial from a businesswoman (and it’s at your fingertips!): “You’ve won over bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers with communities of over 20,000 people…”

Today, we want you to discover the testimonial of a businesswoman who knew how to share ‘Nyaki’ to motivate other women to get involved on the web!

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who am I ?

I’m Emma, ​​I was employed for 3 years and then ended up quitting because my job no longer aligns with my values ​​and ethics. See the article: Car Insurance: 5 Simple Tips For Real Quote Savings!.

I became a mother and we moved to Morocco. I never thought I could work again and had no idea about starting a business on the web.

One day, I talked to a female web entrepreneur who had just started her training. She offered me to become her affiliate. I didn’t even know what that meant at the time!

You have made 5 sales, i.e. 996.75 € commissions in two days

Become his best affiliate, In front of bloggers, YouTubers and influencers with communities of over 20,000 people…

And all this, without a blog, YOUTUBE channel or social network

Then I understood the huge potential of belonging…

I launched my blog “Ambitions Féminines” and trained in Internet Marketing, Blogging, Email, Web Writing, Natural Reference, Various Strategies on Social Networks… This can help you interest: Credit recovery: two good reasons to use loan consolidation.

I have spent several thousand euros on training and training.

This allowed me to:

  • Understand the entire web ecosystem
  • Start a blog that made me earn money from the first article and keep earning without touching it
  • Build a loyal community that buys on social networks in just 1 month
  • Create this instructable where, with my own income from affiliates, I was able to suspend my web editor’s activity
  • My partners are amazed with my results and they regularly ask how I do it. This is where the idea for this training came from.

And the results are there:

  • – I won More than 50,000 euros in commissions in 3 years
  • – touch currently Between 2000€ and 5000€ per month Only with membership
  • – More than half of my earnings are passive income (i.e. my previous work is still paying off, without me having to adjust it)

Since December 2018:

  • – More than 3,500 students have been trained in the membership next to me
  • – I have already paid over 100,000 euros to my affiliates

My job as a coach has allowed me to discover the other side of belonging (the selling side) and to deepen the barriers and needs of my students.

Then I decided to recreate this training from the ground up, two years after its release, to make it definitely The most comprehensive commission training on the market Currently. I thought of it as a hybrid format, between coaching and coaching, offering both:

  • – Theoretical videos
  • – Tutorials
  • Practical exercises.

Whatsapp group allows you to:

  • – Always find answers to your questions and never find yourself in a dead end
  • – Get motivated on a daily basis
  • Building a network of female entrepreneurs in record time

Each functional assistance has been designed to facilitate action.

The work is done and all that remains is to take action.

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