Puratos acquires Rapidle to merge with Bakeronline

4 years after acquiring Belgian start-up Bakeronline, which focuses on the digital transformation of artisans, the ingredients manufacturer has acquired one of the French leaders in e-commerce solutions for bakers and snack professionals, Quickly. Within 3 years, the merger of the two companies could make it possible to go from 750 to 5,000 alphanumeric ones.

A great catch for the international manufacturer of ingredients for the bakery, pastry and chocolate sectors that has just announced its acquisition of the French start-up. quickly, a custom e-commerce solutions provider, was created in 2015 by Steve Broutin and Yann Browaeys. A new step forward for Puratos which had already acquired, 4 years ago, a Belgian specialist in digital transformation of artisans baker online. A way to bring the component closer to its customers, to strengthen its service offering and support the digital transformation of its customers more effectively. But also to respond, through this consolidation, to the increasing demand from local companies for digitization and clarity to increase their turnover. This will be, as Maxim Sergent, founder and CEO of Bakeonline, pointed out, “ To reinforce Puratos Group’s promise to encourage and support bakery, pastry and chocolatier professionals in their digital transformation Puratos has announced its goal to increase the number of artisans equipped in France from 750 to 5,000 artisans in the next three years.

Bakeronline’s merger with Rapidle reinforces the Puratos Group’s promise to encourage and support bakery, pastry and chocolatier professionals in their digital transformation. We want to be the technology partner of choice in our industrial sector thanks to innovative, efficient and simple solutions.”Sophie Bloom, director of marketing at Puratos.

As Boratos reminds us, the global pandemic has really made artisans realize the importance of their rapid digital transformation, and has also accelerated their need for digitization. And Maxim Sergent recalls that the online presence, which has become a strategic pillar of commerce, needs to be accompanied by specialized partners who are able to offer simple solutions to easily create, for example, a personal online store, website or mobile application. Rapidle co-founder and contributor, Steve Broutin, says he is very pleased with this acquisition, which will allow the startup he co-created to develop and innovate.

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