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LinkedIn offers Marketing Labs certification courses to learn how to create content

LinkedIn has partnered with Media Monks to provide its users with testimony Content and creative design To learn new skills.

The platform announced that it is now possible to participate in LinkedIn Marketing Labs certification courses in order to take the exam. Content and creative design In the fully digital age, developing a digital content marketing strategy can be essential for those who want to express their creativity and stand out.

The courses offered by the platform are created to achieve several goals: to provide users with the knowledge and tools to create a content marketing strategy that stands out; And allow users to showcase their experiences in developing paid and membership content.

These courses will therefore provide additional skills for future professionals or marketing professionals. When a user passes the certification exam, they will receive a LinkedIn certification by Content and creative design that he can add to his profile.

To pass the certification, users have access to three courses available in five different languages, English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Building an organic presence with LinkedIn Pages This 20-30 minute course is the starting point for a certification that explains how to create and maintain an active LinkedIn Page.

creative design : This 10-minute course will teach users how to create engaging content that specifically appeals to audiences. This course will also include a pre-course self-assessment, and a post-course knowledge check.

Building a Complete Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn This 30-40 minute course will show how to leverage LinkedIn’s organic tools and paid advertising solutions to design a balanced and effective marketing strategy.

After that, the test corresponds to a test for all knowledge, in 60 minutes. Upon successful certification and receipt of the certificate, it will be valid for two years.

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