Adilson Borges (Carrefour), Growth Mindset

When you ask Adilson Borges what drew him to the idea of ​​joining Carrefour, his answer is clear. It was unimaginable not to put his research years at the service of companies.

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The Director of Learning and Development at Carrefour is convinced that designing training as an optional step in one’s career is no longer a viable option. Its goal: to make each employee more involved in their learning, but also to encourage knowledge sharing. In this sense, Adilson has made digital its best ally: “The digital tool allows to improve the learner’s experience, engaging them and adapting to their individual needs while being integrated into a group.” Within Carrefour University, webinars are held to share best practices between the different countries and entities of the group: “The culture of learning sharing within the organization allows it to accelerate its transformation.”

“The idea is not so much to accept the right to make mistakes as to reinforce the duty to test.”

Vision: Test duty

In addition to wanting to preach the concept of an educational company, Adilson Borges develops an idea of ​​his own which he detailed in Test & Learn: Agile Corporate Strategy, a book published in 2021. This text deals with his many years of work: “This book is the result of years from research but also to share best practices with the best companies that use Test & Learn and have seen the powerful positive impact it can have on their innovation and performance,” he explains. Far from being a marketing slogan, Test & Learn is a way of thinking and designing learning. Adilson Borges points out that “what guides us in testing and learning is not the idea of ​​acceptance.” right to wrong from promotion test duty. We must invite employees to be bold in a reassuring framework made possible by the fact of pre-testing this initiative.” However, he notes that companies alone cannot work in this direction. A more collaborative learning culture must be put in place in the school. He says with humor: “If We taught children to walk as we taught mathematics, so we would all stay on all fours. It also encourages the world of vocational training to continue its research: “Tomorrow we will have to test training more: to suggest and compare hybrid formats. The spirit of innovation must serve the spirit of learning.”

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Always on the move, attentive to the aspirations of the moment, Adilson Borges is full of projects. He is currently producing the documentary Start-up for a Reason with director Mehdi Palamisa, which describes virtuous examples of committed and responsible SMEs around the world. He is convinced: the value of the company will be evaluated more by the social and environmental impact of its activity than by its economic performance. Other projects are activating it such as developing a green cryptocurrency. Applying his principles of constant innovation to himself, there is no doubt that Adilson Borges will continue to surprise and inspire.

Elsa Geran

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