3 out of 4 SMEs are not investing enough in digitization

TheFigures from the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) revealed that 76% of Belgian SMEs do not practice e-commerce. But the results are also abnormally low in other areas: only 2 in 3 SMEs use social networks and only 1 in 4 use electronic invoicing. FCR Media stresses the importance of an online presence and calls on businesses not to ignore its potential.

Three quarters of Belgian SMEs (76%) do not practice e-commerce and only 2 out of 3 SMEs use social networks. This was revealed by the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), a European monitoring of the digital performance of member states. However, an online presence is of paramount importance, in addition to offering endless possibilities. Online stores, for example, have a positive effect on employee turnover, while an active page on social networks allows companies to generate more recognition, engagement and loyalty from their audience.

Bart van der Heyden, Head of Technology at digital marketing agency FCR Media: “Most Belgian entrepreneurs certainly use the internet, but we find that they rarely have the time or knowledge to develop an online store or maintain an active social media page in addition to their daily duties. However, it is an investment that is not as expensive as many entrepreneurs think, both in time and in terms of cost.”

Afin d’abaisser le seuil d’accessibilité en ligne pour les entrepreneurs, FCR Media a lancé la plateforme Sitee, un service web qui devrait aider les PME à répondre rapidement et facilement à toutes sortes de besoins numériques de biopen de ération E-Commerce. With Sitee, FCR Media wants to give Belgian entrepreneurs a digital boost and make sure they keep the benefits of e-commerce in mind.

The biggest potential advance is in the field of electronic invoicing. Thus the DESI report shows that only 1 out of 4 SMEs (25%) use electronic invoicing, even though it offers multiple benefits. This is an environmentally responsible way of managing bills, but also one that offers financial advantages: companies are already paid more quickly. Their cash flow is affected less and they can function optimally. FCR Media wants to make it easy for businesses to experience this with Sitee’s integrated online payment platform.

“Over the past few years, we have seen a positive development in Belgium in terms of digital presence, but there is still a lot of progress to be made. If we want to secure our economic future, we have to reach out and help small and medium businesses take that step,” adds Bart Van Haydn Abbey.

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