Work and Data: These are the professions that make their organizations data-driven

For many professionals, data is at the heart of business. Such is the case for Nicholas Regal and Jehan-Christoph Blumero, both at Solocal, and also for Matilde Calvez, at Universcience. Over the course of their missions, they contribute to making their organizations increasingly “data-driven.”

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Summary of the data mastery file and data-driven organizations:

Cloud, data visualization and data governance

Nicolas Regal Solocle's Business DataSolocal (PagesJaunes brand) specializes in communications and digital marketing for local businesses. “Solocal is a manufacturer of data,” describes Nicholas Regal. This Trained Engineer and Manager of the Data and Content Professional manages all the data on PagesJaunes and is also responsible for the data offerings offered by Solocal. These offers are based on databases (4.7 million companies listed).

Business data for Jehan-Christophe Plomero SolocalJehan-Christophe Blumero is Director of Audience Performance and Data at Solocal. With a marketing background, geared towards digital and web analytics, he takes care of the Product and Data Analysis department. It is responsible for collection, coordination and recovery. Cloud, data visualization, and data management shape his daily life. The Spark Archives solution collects data; The BigQuery software built into Google Cloud, in Saas, is used to analyze them.

The missions of Nicholas Regal and Jehan-Christophe Plomero complement each other.

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Instead of a records manager

Elsewhere with Mathilde Calvez who, since June 2021, has been responsible for managing technical data for Universcience, an entity that brings together the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie de la Villette and the Palais de la Découverte. In art history, she has a lead project manager at….

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Organizing master data

Today it is difficult to extract value from an individual’s information capital solely through the document. The proliferation of streams and ease of creation and storage are plunging organizations into the age of big data where all types of data, both structured and unstructured, including personal data, are mixed with their metadata.

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