When Football Meets Tech

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It is a meeting of two worlds that at first glance had little in common. One is purely physical, the other is completely digital. However, football and new technologies are found by football stars who bet on startups. Blaise Matuidi has already been an angel for several years and recently launched Origins, his investment fund. The midfielder, who two years ago moved to Inter in Miami, United States, where he lives, has adopted the mentality of the country. In the United States, athlete training is almost always conducted in tandem with entrepreneurship training. Athletes naturally become players in the business economy.

What Blaise Matuidi is now doing with the same passion, he says. His desire to win on the football field is the same as in business. This is what he also wishes to pass widely to the younger ones, while making people dream of this entrepreneurial path, as much as they dream of the ball at their feet. The goal of Origins is to bring more than money to entrepreneurs. Influence, marketing and communication are also part of the support offered and the projects selected are to some extent public.

football and technology

More and more footballers are interested in business and more specifically in technology. Many take stakes in start-up companies. This sports category, which is rather young, naturally fits in with digital technology. Great successes like that of Antoine Griezmann and his winning bet on Sorare, who has since become a unicorn, are imitated and desires created. The image of football players is also a winner for the companies in which they invest. Their power of influence is significant and their digital practice in this field is well established.

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