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to meAfter the City of Montreal and the PME MTL, it is the turn of the Canadian government to provide significant financial support to the Data-Coop Culture project thanks to a contribution from the Canadian Cultural Investments Fund of the Canadian Ministry of Heritage. This significant support from Canadian Heritage will expand the scope of the Data-Coop Culture project and accelerate its expansion.

Towards expanding the collection of “first party” data for the cultural sector

Officially launched by Culture Cible in the fall of 2021, Data-Coop Culture already collects behavioral data on 15 websites and has allowed the creation of more than 230,000 profiles for visitorsThanks to pixel culture ©in just three months.

The objective of the mid-term project is to approximate 80 to 100 cultural organizations in Quebec by 2024 and expand his collection range to more than 1.5 million visitor profiles.

“Pixel Culture© adopts Pixel Culture© just as easily as it did with pixels from Facebook or Google Analytics. Why leave GAFAM with a monopoly on collecting and using browsing data from Internet users in Quebec? – Arno Nobile, founder of

data collaborative culture It provides its members with a platform for behavioral data collection and marketing activation that allows the cultural sector to implement targeted advertising campaigns without having to pay each time to use its own data and reach its audience.

“Our goal is to build an alternative to GAFAM by putting together the latest technology and allowing our members to recover their data collection.”

Making world-class technology available to the cultural community

Thanks to the participation of Oziom Technologies Canada, with which it has collaborated for several years on projects combining culture, technology and marketing, Culture Cible was able to sign a partnership with the Canadian division of Eulerian Technologies, a leading data collection and marketing outsourcing company in Europe.

While the end biscuit The third-party, the ancient “holy grail” of marketing targeting, has been announced for 2023, and Eulerian Technology clearly positions the Data-Coop Culture project for the future.

Eulerian makes it possible to collect and aggregate data only using internal (cookie first) cookies, completely transparent to both site owners and their visitors.

“With the Data-Coop Culture project, we don’t just want to collect browsing data; we also want to collect data management and protection tools, as well as powerful data marketing functions. Due to the high cost of running this technology, Data Management Platforms (DMP) are reserved for even Now for large groups. Collectively, this technology can be accessed…”

Major cultural organizations are cooperating in the pilot project

Culture Cible’s cultural partners have shown a strong interest in Data-Coop culture. Since the beginning of 2022, agreements have been signed with several key players in the Quebec cultural community.

Since March 2022, pixel culture © It was installed and data collection began for the first participants in the project: Francos de Montreal, Montreal Circus of Perfection, La Toho, The Sal Pauline Julien, Ministry, Bravo Music, [co]Laval Culture Movement The Haut Richelieu Specifications; As well as cultural media:, Baron Mag, Urban Bible, Le Canal Auditif, and

“We feel a general intent to get rid of this reliance on web giants, who are less efficient and transparent about the ownership and quality of their web audiences. The Data-Coop culture generates real enthusiasm among our partners and embodies a tangible solution to regain control of their data collection.”

Towards a new operational phase in April 2023

In the coming months, new cultural organizations will be gradually integrated into the project, with the goal of reaching between 25 and 50 participating organizations by April 2023.

During this period, Culture Cible will actively work with its technology partners to roll out the self-service platform, allowing for custom segments to be created and independently activate digital marketing campaigns, with ease!

About the target culture

For nearly 10 years, the experts of the Culture Cible Collaboration have dedicated to creating and publishing relevant and engaging content to a large community of young professionals interested in everything new, up-to-date and stimulating.

In total, Culture Cible’s five digital media (, Baron Mag, Urban Bible, Le Canal Auditif and focus more than 300,000 connections per month, 100,000 subscribers on social networks, and together produce over 3,000 articles and editorial content per year. Characters that speak for themselves!

About Oziom Technologies Canada

Oziom is a Montreal-based company that specializes in technological innovation for the cultural sector. Founded in 2009 by Emmanuel Labat and Guillaume Nicoloso, Oziom imagines and develops technology solutions, supporting cultural players in their digital marketing strategy.

Oziom’s collaboration with major cultural institutions such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, MNBAQ and MAC and the development of innovative technology partnerships highlight international collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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