PIM offers many advantages to marketing teams

It is essential to follow good practices to succeed in your PIM project. But once the platform is established, product data management is possible and improved thanks to PIM software. Offers many benefits to marketing teams. It not only allows for the termination of duplicate information, but also provides the possibility to eliminate data silos and distribute information from product sheets on e-commerce sites and marketplaces. But that’s not all, because PIM (Product Information Management) offers many advantages for marketing…

Feature #1: Fast market access

Time to market is a key success factor for businesses. Good news, thanks to the product information management, the marketing of the company’s various products is much faster. It also has the advantage of being more reliable since PIM ensures good information on all sales channels used.

Feature #2: Easier Operational Marketing Management

Product information management simplifies data qualification and makes it possible to create more attractive product sheets. With PIM, data becomes a complete vehicle for differentiation. It also makes it possible to meet new consumer demands by publishing the origin of ingredients and articles, customer reviews as well as any labels and certifications (vegan, fair trade, organic, etc.).

Feature #3: End of Duplicate Information

Product information management enables product information to be coordinated and thus reduces the risk of information duplication. Product information management is a reliable solution that makes it possible to aggregate and consolidate all data on the same platform, thereby facilitating the processing of the latter. This is it The best way to ensure a better product experience for customerswhile avoiding errors and duplications on the product sheet.

Feature Four: More Attractive Products

Mass retail and distribution companies know this: competition is fierce when it comes to making products more attractive. It turns out that the product data as well Excellent demarcation lever thanks to simplified data qualification. Thus, the created product sheets are more complete and attractive, especially thanks to the many labels and certificates that can be displayed.

Feature #5: Increased Visibility

PIM reference product is also Huge lift for increased visibilityEspecially online. For e-commerce stores, for example, different fields allow for organic SEO optimization thanks to tags and images. But this is also the case for companies that sell on marketplaces like Cdiscount or Amazon, for example. Once the rules are set in PIM, product sheets are automatically generated according to the format required by the support.

Feature #6: Better Collaboration

As it unifies and coordinates information, PIM fosters collaboration within teams, and even with external stakeholders. While the catalog team responsible for the PIM project takes care of recording the master data for each product, the marketing department can then take over to make this information more attractive. Then comes the role of the search engine optimization (SEO) team to ensure the correct placement of the product pages on the search engines. Big advantage when marketing issues now come out of the marketing department.

Feature #7: Save time

This is clearly one of the main advantages of managing product information. As soon as product references need to be updated or new references come to enrich the catalog, The software automatically takes care of creating or updating product sheets. Data is imported from various sources (supplier files, ERP, etc.) and disseminated in seconds to all of the company’s communication and distribution channels.

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