lesBigboss: “Without emotions, work is nothing”

After the huge success of the summer edition in Greece last May, BigBoss continues with a new event, this time at the Mama Shelter, in Luxembourg. On the programme: Two working days for players in the communications and marketing sectors. Explanations with Alexander Nobecourt, DGA Communities, Content and Events at BigBoss.

Influenth: We know the summer version of lesBigboss very well. But can you give us more details about the communications and marketing event that will take place in a week’s time in Luxembourg?

As I already mentioned in Influenth, BigBoss Summer 2022 Hit the nail on the head in Greece. she was Standard Edition ! We met there More than 700 peoplewhose 370 decision makers and 200 partner companies. In total, this is 7000 singles dating and meetings that can be arranged. recognized, Communication and Marketing Event will be smaller. But it will still meet for two days – June 23 and 24 – 125 Decision Makers and Partners from the sector. previously 1500 one-on-one appointments Affinity and qualification Organized via our in-house matchmaking tool. Thanks to this unique and exclusive process, we are able to enable decision makers through projects to meet their future strategic partners.

Impact: This homemade matchmaking tool, how do you implement it in an event like this?

We have created labels consisting of main vertical themes and sub-topics to cover all spectrum of decision maker issues. about class Communication and Marketingwe collected 7 headlines – Media, Digital Transformation, Data, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Transformation, and Governance – where we handpicked 40 relevant partners present at the event. Then, based on the needs of the decision makers, we provide them with meetings with relevant partners. For example: a decision maker who needs to develop a dynamic presentation solution for a marketing campaign will be contacted, during the dating session, with a partner who is expert in this topic and is affiliated with the media department.

Impact: Why is the event taking place in Luxembourg?

At lesBigBoss we include a standard that some companies have in mind: ROE, the return of feelings. Without ROE, business is nothing. And this is where BigBoss’s reasoning is focused: Doing business, of course, but human business, live business. If everyone called us today “real linkedin”, not for nothing. And I truly believe putting our bags in Mama Shelter in Luxembourg at the time of this event is in keeping with that promise. Not only because it is in the heart of the Grand Duchy The Secretariat of the European Parliament where we will also meet. But also because Mama Shelter is not a hotel like the others. It’s a real place to live: just like us, it includes a family dimension that adds a human touch to the company. So it would be the perfect place to network and get inspired during conferences and workshops that tackle the challenges of marketing right now.

Impact: By the way, what are the workshops and conferences that will feature this event?

Before talking about the workshops, I would first like to talk about the conference on the topic “The era of content, virtuality, identity… How do you combine an appropriate and effective combination of brand image management, acquisition, and customer proximity? “. Conference attended Laurent LatourDirector of Communication and Digital of the French Football Federation, and Benoist EravelDirector of Marketing Planning at Air France KLM.

Impact: Let’s go back to the workshops for this event. Can we find out more?

In fact, in addition to the conference, there will be Three workshops Which will be led by three partners. Led workshop Triple and Deca point On the topic “How to move from a ‘passion’ brand status to a ‘performance’ brand in order to reach a new customer goal?”. last by Comongo and Sinao on AI. Finally a workshop led by drum On the non-cookie revolution to ensure the success of media plans.

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