Human contact in the spotlight at WAQ

Last May, the 11th edition of The web in Quebec (WAQ) At the station – the port of Quebec. After celebrating its 10th anniversary in virtual mode, the annual event brought together more than 4,500 professionals from the digital sector in a joyous context of reunions and festivities. A look back at three inspiring days that had many positive effects on individuals, businesses, and the county capital.

Mission: Create collisions
for Carol Ann LaBrieproject manager WQThe spirit of the community was at its height on the occasion of this great meeting. In fact, this event, created by the digital community, is designed to promote collaboration, even between competing companies.

“Originally The web in Quebec It was launched by people who worked at rival companies who often faced the same challenges, he says Carol Ann LaBrie. Their goal was to find common solutions and to have the opportunity to meet and talk to each other at least once a year.”

Easy to reach and friendly WQ So I was born with a mission to create collisions between participants. From conferences to social activities, everything is thought out so that people can talk to each other and make friends. Although this is a digital celebration, the The web in Quebec It is primarily an opportunity to highlight the work that humans do behind screens. Communication and marketing professionals, web developers, designers and other professionals rub shoulders for three days to share more than just business cards: smiles, knowledge, and ideas that can lead to interesting collaborations. according to Carol AnnWealth WQ It is strictly based on its precious interactions.

“We see the event as allowing companies to make connections with each other. People leave here very inspired and really want to try new things and share their new knowledge with their colleagues.”

A program that promotes meetings
The WQ It is divided into four main thematic tracks: Communication and Marketing, Web Development, and Design and Innovation. Obviously, the topics covered are updated annually based on the most popular keywords. Every day, a minimum of four conferences per track and two presentations Keyword Guest stars are presented to the participants. This year The web in Quebec Especially received a visit Daniel Lamariethe former CEO of Sun Circusand based on Pera GilardiEntrepreneur and Co-Founder of Refinery 29as a famous speaker.

“We are fortunate to receive so many requests for speakers, so we are spoiled for choice,” proudly supports the project manager. This allows us to have very high selection criteria and deliver only high quality conferences such as case studies and feedback on concrete experiences. Above all, there are no sales promotions! “

Even if the conferences are divided into four clear themes, the conferences are aimed at all professionals in the field. Besides, designers often don’t go to design talks, developers don’t attend development shows and so on. In addition to honing their knowledge in their specific field of specialization, participants in WQ Recognize the fields of their colleagues to better understand their own trends and issues. In other words, “just because you’re running a path doesn’t mean you have to stay there,” he explains Carol Ann.

Always with the aim of enhancing human connection and networking, The web in Quebec This year featured 5 of the 7 essential dailies, quiz games powered byOQLFseparate room with meditation sessions, yoga workshops, coloring activities, tea tastings, recruitment activities for partner companies and students and time to enjoy the fun facilities of the event.

“Because we focus so much on creating meeting opportunities, we like to give people time to talk. We purposely don’t overload the schedule because we want the event to be not only rich in content but also in meetings.

Volunteers and Golden Partners
Headed by a non-profit organization Digital QuebecThe WQ, made possible by a hundred volunteers, half of whom are committed throughout the year, 23 partners and many local businesses, without whom this eleventh edition would not have been possible. Working in the digital world, volunteers benefit from their participation in experimenting with new software, tools, and technologies that their work would not allow them to explore. according to Carol Ann LaBrieThe The web in Quebec It serves as a laboratory and an opportunity for them to unleash their creativity, to expand their network or to acquire new skills, such as personnel management or strategy.

The participation of volunteers illustrates the societal aspect of WQ. This is from partners as well. These companies have often registered their employees at the event and now want to give back to the digital community.”

Like conferences, partnership activities are designed to enhance the participants’ experience. For example, this year, Ubisoftthe event presenting partner, intelligently integrating its brand in WQ By offering a room with life-size statues and a popcorn bar.

Hazem Quebec event
In addition to promoting local companies through partnership agreements with them, The web in Quebec Provides an indirect view of local produce and Quebec City.

“Obviously we always approach local restaurants for meals and give speakers gifts from local shops, as well as accommodate them in Quebec hotels and lodges. Carol Ann LaBrie. This year, we welcomed around fifty international participants as well as speakers from all over the world. These people visit the city and talk about it on their social networks. This gives a great view of Quebec City and shows that there are great things being done here.”

full regulation of WQ It invites you to stay informed of the upcoming release and would like to extend a big thank you to its volunteers and partners.

Annual Volunteers for the 2022 edition
Alexis Rodrigue, Annie Deshaies, Bertrand Lirette, Chany Lagueux, Claudie Mathieu, Cynthia Lafontaine, Florian Martin, Geneviève Nadeau, Geneviève Turcotte, Hugues Foltz, Jean-David Rhéaume, Jean-François Verville, Jean-Nicolas-Vurançville , Jean-Nicolas Gauthier, Jean-Nicolas Gauthier, Jean-Sebastien Tremblay, Josiane Piccard, Julie Royer, Christina Hamel, Laurent Harrell, Lyn May Douste Challifort, Marc Vincent Letelier, Marie-Michel Bouchard, Marie-Michel Gagnon, Marie-Pierre Amiot, Marie-Pierre Roy Dube, Martin Rio, Marie Elizabeth Lagasse, Mathieu Dube Laroche, Nadia Cheh, Nicolas Garneau, Oussin Colling, Paul Cote, Pierre Privaux, Vincent Bissonnette

Partners 2022
Voobangreat partner
Videotron, Quebecor, Libéo, Kabane, Levio, Equisoft, iXmédia, Fernandez PR, Flots, Microsoft, Beet, Grenier aux nouvelles, PwC, LE CAMP, ROBIC, BDC, TVA, Journal de Québec, Botpress, Apollo13, Zenika.

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