Bouygues Telecom signs contract with Ericsson for standalone 5G and private 5G networks – MMAF

After the initial 5G deployment, Bouygues Telecom has signed a strategic partnership with Swedish equipment manufacturer Ericsson for 5G Stand Alone but also private 5G networks intended for businesses.

This agreement with Bouygues Telecom, our long-term partner, represents a new step in accelerating the digital transformation in France and making full use of 5G technology for the general public and companies, with the 5G Stand Alone position. Ericsson’s Dedicated Private Network (EP5G), Hybrid Mobile Network with Local Packet Gateway (LPG) and Mobile Virtual Network with Slicing (5G Core) solutions will enable significant gains through dedicated QoS and reduced latency, for significant gains and secure business applications”, Says Frank Potard, CEO of Ericsson France.

This agreement with Ericsson, the old partner, announces the implementation of a major step for Bouygues Telecom, in the deployment of 5G. This standalone 5G core network will enable us to offer our consumer and business customers, from 2023, the best technology. Various mobile private network solutions will allow manufacturers to take advantage of strategic uses, and Bouygues Telecom is proud to support this digital transformation with the quality and security of its network. Adds Benoit Turlotting, general manager of Bouygues Telecom.

Expected from 2023, 5G Stand Alone technology provides connectivity with improved security and its quality of service or routing can be adapted to specific needs thanks to “network segmentation”. This functionality of the 5G SA core actually slices the network into “slices” with different characteristics and/or different levels of priority.

This technology enables the deployment of a hybrid mobile network, to meet more demanding needs in terms of security or latency. With 5G SA, a “chip” will be provided, providing differentiated QoS and, if necessary, personal routing (for example, to the nearest edge computing center operated by OnCloud, a subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom).

Customer site coverage and local routing will then be provided by dedicated mobile network equipment (Local Packet Gateway) and will remain under the control of the Bouygues Telecom core network. Critical customer traffic will remain local and benefit from the pooling of Bouygues Telecom’s operating resources and network frequencies.

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