• With an award, the prestigious US analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes that WALLIX PAM4ALL closely meets organizations’ needs in terms of cost, simplicity and flexibility.

  • Frost & Sullivan also acknowledges the exceptional customer service of

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    And its innovative power


    Client-centric approach allows

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    To provide a cutting edge solution to secure digital access and identities

  • This recognition from Frost & Sullivan confirms that the strategy

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    From “PAM FOR ALL” – which is based on WALLIX PAM4ALL – perfectly in tune with the needs of the market worldwide, including the United States.

Paris, June 20 2022 –

WALLIX (Euronext ALLIX) European publisher of cybersecurity software and expert in securing access and identity

receives the

2022 Customer Value Leadership Award

About the WALLIX PAM4ALL solution awarded by Frost and Sullivan, the prestigious American analyst firm. This award recognizes that WALLIX PAM4ALL’s PAM technology meets the needs of organizations as closely as possible. According to Frost & Sullivan analysts, it really is the best solution on the market in terms of cost, simplicity and flexibility. WALLIX PAM4ALL has also been praised for its ability to adapt to customer requirements. With this award, Frost & Sullivan also recognizes WALLIX’s exceptional customer service and innovative strength. WALLIX incorporates feedback from its clients into the development of its solutions, as well as contributions from consulting with CIOs and CIOs.

Among the many advantages of the solution, WALLIX PAM4ALL makes digital access management very accessible under the principle of least privilege. Organizations are becoming well aware of the importance of this technology, however, current solutions are complex to implement, in addition to being expensive. WALLIX PAM4ALL provides easy-to-deploy and scalable response, with low cost of acquisition and operational maintenance. Additionally, a customer-centric approach enables WALLIX to offer a cutting edge solution for securing digital access and identities.

” Announces

Deepali Sati, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

. ”

This recognition from Frost & Sullivan underscores WALLIX’s “PAM for all” strategy. This strategy is based on WALLIX PAM4ALL, a unified solution that combines all WALLIX technologies, going beyond securing premium accounts and securing, on the principle of least privilege, all vulnerable users and workstations in the enterprise. WALLIX PAM4ALL is a promise of secure digital transformation for everyone.

This award also demonstrates WALLIX’s ability to anticipate and meet the cybersecurity needs of all organizations, regardless of size, around the world, including the United States. Frost & Sullivan highlights the expansion of the WALLIX Business Partner Program that has more than 300 partners (distributors, integrated sellers, global integrators (GSIs) and consulting firms) and continues to recruit new partners every year, all over the world. In the past year, to name a few, IT distribution leaders Arrow in the US, Tech Data UK and Tech Data Spain joined the WALLIX Partner Network.

This award is from Frost & Sullivan in recognition of a successful business strategy. Our product vision also responds to the challenges of digital transformation for our customers, who should view cybersecurity not as a brake, but as an accelerator for transformation and an opportunity for economic development. Then topics such as simplicity of user experience, operational load reduction, and automation of deployments become the focus of product development that completes and improves the existing functional richness of digital access protection.


Edwig Broussard, Director of Product and Marketing at WALLIX


About Walex

WALLIX is a publisher of cybersecurity software, a European specialist in securing digital access and identities. WALLIX PAM4ALL, the unified franchise management solution, empowers businesses to meet today’s data protection challenges. It ensures detection and resilience of cyber attacks, thus enabling business continuity. It also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements related to access to critical information technology and data infrastructures. WALLIX PAM4ALL is distributed by a network of more than 300 resellers and integrators around the world. Listed on Euronext (ALLIX), WALLIX supports more than 1,900 organizations in securing their digital transformation. WALLIX is a founding member of the HEXATRUST group and is included in Futur40, the first stock market growth company rating published by Forbes France, and is part of the Tech 40 Index.

Wallix affirms its digital responsibility and pledges to contribute to building a European digital trust space, ensuring data security and confidentiality for organizations as well as for any individual interested in protecting their digital identity and respecting their private life. Digital technology, whether for professional or personal use, must be ethical and responsible in order to experience a societal digital transformation that is safe and respectful of individual liberties.



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For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been globally recognized for its role in helping investors, business leaders and governments navigate economic change and identify disruptive technologies, major trends, new business models and businesses to implement, resulting in a steady stream of growth opportunities to ensure future success. Contact us: Start the discussion.

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