FCPI Dividendes Plus 9: Why Subscribe Now

Generally, in December, individuals are interested in investments that will be made before 12/31/12 to reduce taxes payable the following year. But signing up in the spring, when you’ve just finished your tax return, can be interesting, especially since some of the funds marketed last December are still open. So the blocking time will be shorter. This is the case, for example, of FCPI Dividendes Plus 9, the ninth opus in a series of FCPIs featuring the lowest graphics and great performance, as well as a 25% reduction in investment.

Tax carrot and limit restrictions

Investing in FCPI, a tax-exempt product, allows subscribers to take advantage of itIncome tax reduction of 25%* from its investment Obtained in the range of €12,000 for an individual and €24,000 for a couple, i.e. a possible maximum tax of €3,000 for an individual and €6000 for a couple.

In 2020, the Finance Law decided to raise the reduction rate from 18% to 25%. But this decision concerns only subscriptions made until December 31, 2020. Like last year, the government had to pass a new decree to extend this system until December 31, 2022. At the same time, France had to Reconfirm her request to the European Commission. Unsurprisingly, the European Commission did not object. The executive decree went into effect on March 18 and states that the increase in the tax reduction rate from 18 to 25% applies to payments made between March 18 and December 31, 2022.

Behind this tax advantage, there is a consideration, a Prevent refunds.

But while FCPIs and FIPs traditionally have periods of 7 or 8 years, or even longer, FCPI Dividendes Plus n°9 has a maximum ban period of 6 years. One of the shortest terms in the market for this type of investment. In fact, unlike many funds that are on the market, an extension period is not provided by the management company.

How can this shorter duration be explained? FCPI mainly invests in Small and medium-sized companies listed on the stock exchange, providing greater liquidity Facilitating the resale of securities at maturity.

Moreover, the annual management fee is simplyIt is the lowest in the marketby 2.50%! over the life of the fund, The management company informed us that this fee is a maximum of 17.4% inclusiveFCPIs in the market charge fees that fluctuate around 30% on average. In other words, almost double!

What about the entrance fee? What are the entry fees? By passing through Meilleurtaux Placement, your investment in FCPI Dividendes Plus n°9 It will be free. 0%. We can’t do better! Fund performance in fees too!

Dividends Plus n° 9: 100% online subscription

Availability of funds faster

The other advantage of subscribing now is saving time compared to subscribing at the end of the year. The average withholding period for FCPI is 8 years.

If you wait until the end of 2022 to sign up, your capital will be blocked for approximately 8 years Until 2030. If you look carefully, you may find an FCPI of a shorter period, 2029 or, at best, December 2028.

But for now, you can still access, for a few weeks, the chests that opened last year. Thus, you earn one year as compared to the subscription at the end of the year.

This is especially the case Dividend Plus #9which opened for subscription last year, with Maximum ban period of 6 years. Therefore, the fund will be frozen until December 31, 2027 at the latest. This is a blockage reduced to 5½ years for an investment made in 2022.

FCPI Dividendes Plus n° 9 will be finally close to offering in a few weeks. It won’t be available anymore In December 2022 and at that time you will not find any money with a ban period of up to 5 years.

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Tri-color innovation support

Investing in FCPI Dividendes Plus n°9 means first and foremost supportThe rise of the French nuggets. The sums invested will be used to finance innovative SMEs, support them in their development and thus give them every opportunity for growth.

They are especially carefully selected according to Criteria for maturity, profitability, development potential and ability to pay dividends. The dividend decision demonstrates management’s confidence in the company’s growth prospects.

Innovative industries, medical and digital technologies, etc.The investment scope of the management company depends on the sectors that are considered to be thriving.

Among the twelve industrial sectors selected by BPI France and the Ministry of Industry as innovative and strategic at the national level, we can cite the energy, marine and materials industries. In this field, FCPIs Vatel Capital has been significantly involved in developing Companies specializing in plastic injection, development of agricultural mechanization units, production of biofuels and handling systems for port infrastructures.

In the health sector, which is a growing sector undergoing rapid technological change with the development of digital technology, smart connected tools and telemedicine, FCPIs Vatel Capital has been significantly involved in the development of SMEs in the following sectors: Spine implants, medical imaging, allergy diagnosis and treatment, and innovative therapies in oncology

Finally, in the digital sector (mobile Internet, cloud computing, connected things, robotics, etc.), Vatel Capital’s FCPIs have already been involved in the development of SMEs in the following sectors: Automated management of large databases, business software, cloud computing, and Internet performance marketing.

proven track record

FCPI Dividendes Plus n°9 is the 14th FCPI number marketed by Vatel Capital. History pleads in favor of the management company:

Of the 10 FCPIs recovered, 9 performed positively excluding tax benefits.

Additionally, below you will find the performance of the FCPIs under management, as of September 30, 2021 (November 30, 2021 for FCPI Dividendes Plus 5):

Performance profit plus VAT

As a reminder, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

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* In return, your funds are frozen for a maximum of six years, i.e. until December 31, 2025 at the latest. An innovation mutual fund, a category of risk mutual fund, is primarily invested in innovative companies with certain risks; Therefore, your investment is not guaranteed and represents the risk of losing your capital.

** Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. You should be aware of the risk factors for this investment fund that are described in the “Risk and Reward Profile” section of the Regulations.

Finally, the approval of the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) does not mean that you will automatically benefit from the various tax procedures offered by the management company. This will depend in particular on whether this product complies with certain investment rules, the length of time you keep it and your individual situation.

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